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Creative Solutions to Challenging Situations DVD/Workbook Combo


A must have resource for care partners, this DVD + workbook combination will provide a supportive structure that allows you to reflect on challenging situations and how your beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors may be affecting the relationship.  The workbook delivers practical easy-to-use content and provides space for personal reflection to help put the pieces of the dementia puzzle together in a more positive way.

This Combo now includes a free, downloadable How-to-Use Guide that provides two different approaches to connecting the DVD and Workbook so that they may be used to their full potential. Download  your free copy here.

By using the workbook alongside the DVD content, both the person living with dementia and the care partner will find support and insight. Teepa Snow, dementia training expert, guides the viewer through potential care relationship scenarios and provides understanding into the possible reasons for these experiences. The workbook will guide users with self-reflection to find Creative Solutions to Challenging Situations as a care partner.

Whether you are a support group leader, a family member, a care partner or a staff member, this combo will enable you to put the puzzle pieces together for a more Positive Approach.


Recommended for:

  • PAC Certified Consultants
  • Family members of someone who is living with dementia
  • Support group members or leaders
  • Facilities looking for a welcome gift for new families

DVD Duration: 55 minutes


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Creative Solutions to Challenging Situations DVD

  • Chapter 1: Letting Go
  • Chapter 2: Personality Traits
  • Chapter 3: Circadian Rhythm
  • Chapter 4: Multiple Intelligences
  • Chapter 5: Unmet Needs
  • Chapter 6: Six Pieces of the Puzzle

Workbook sections include: 

Unmet Needs, Communication Abilities, PAC Personality Traits, the GEMS®, Six Pieces of the Puzzle, Me Sheet, Reframing Your Challenge, and Stress Tamers.

Licensing & Permissions: Please note this content is intended for individual use only.  If you are interested in using the Creative Solutions to Challenging Situations DVD and Workbook in a group setting or for educational or training purposes, please contact our Licensing Department at for more information. 

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