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COVID-19 Guidelines- Starting the Conversation

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The recent COVID-19 pandemic has brought to light several issues that have been present for quite some time.  One such concern is the struggle for effective communication between all involved in residential long-term care, including government regulatory agencies, corporate employees, hands-on care staff, families, and residents. We at Positive Approach to Care are starting the conversation about how we can improve this communication, so that those individuals living in residential facilities may receive the care they so deeply deserve.

Check out Teepa’s first roundtable discussion HERE on Facebook or HERE on YouTube.

Positive Approach to Care strives to create and maintain relationships based on authenticity, empowerment, compassion, and curiosity.  Learn how to start the conversation in the most positive and constructive way possible to build these relationships and improve the culture of care.

With this purchase, you will receive a full-day recording of a knowledge intensive course that was presented by Teepa in 2018, an accompanying adapted workbook, and a video of Teepa and the PAC Team walking through how to use the materials.



Based on Teepa’s in-person Knowledge Intensive course from 2018, building a caring community is tough, but necessary in these trying times. Learn the art of opening the door to all of the people involved to plan stronger, more positive care for those living with dementia. This booklet and training is demonstrated in a long term care facility setting, but could be applicable to starting the conversation around better care planning in any setting.

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