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Companion Cards


Enjoy the simple gift of this unique and helpful communication tool while growing awareness of what it means to be living with dementia. Teepa has been sharing the value of companion cards for years, encouraging care partners and family members to communicate “in the moment” subtle explanation of unpredicted words or deeds. Dementia affects both the limbic system and the pre-frontal cortex which can cause those affected by dementia to be impulsive or expressive with opinions they may have otherwise have kept to themselves. Doing the best with what they have, these cards advocate for someone who is living with limits in comprehension and communication.

These business sized cards come with a plastic carrying case and are a quick and helpful solution for care partners to use when unexpected or awkward situations arise. 

Package includes 75 cards and 1 card carrying case. Carrying case is now clear with a blue feather.

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Front of card reads-

Please be aware:  My companion is living with brain change.

I apologize in advance if something is said or done that surprises or distresses you. 

We are both doing the best we can.

Back of card reads-

Positive Approach to Care was formed to help care partners around the world become dementia aware, knowledgable, and skilled!

Learn more about brain and ability changes that happen with various forms of dementia at

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