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Challenging Behaviors in Dementia Care (Streaming)


Anger, physical resistance, swearing, hallucinations, sexually undesired advances, or surprising actions are just a few examples of challenging situations that can occur when a person is living with dementia. As a care partner, any of these could leave you feeling distressed, hurt, embarrassed, or unappreciated.

Would you like to know how to best respond to challenging situations? Would you like to be able to reduce the chance of future escalations and help the person living with dementia feel at ease?


  • which physical and emotional needs may be causing challenging situations
  • how to figure out the problem, ease the discomfort, and calm the person in distress
  • hands-on techniques to connect and comfort using visual, verbal, physical, emotional, and spiritual communication
  • how to create a deeper and more meaningful care approach by using Teepa’s Six Pieces of the Puzzle™

Video Features:

  • Over two and a half hours of information, tips, and techniques (Approximately 159 minutes)

Prefer a DVD?


Challenging Behaviors in Dementia Care: Recognizing and Meeting Unmet Needs

Video Duration: 2.5 hours (159 minutes)

Chapter 1: Resistive and Distressed Behaviors (15 minutes)

Chapter 2: Sexual Advances and Explicit Behaviors (45 minutes)

Chapter 3: Six Pieces of the Puzzle (70 minutes)

Chapter 4: Hallucinations & Questions and Answers (29 minutes)


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