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Care Partner Connections Series (Recorded Webinars)


This program was designed to create a learning space for teams who are providing care for people living with dementia.  This is a series of pre-recorded webinars with Teepa Snow and the PAC Team.  Each session contains approximately 90 minutes of content.

Topics include:

  • Early Signs and Symptoms
  • Learning the Art of Responding, Not Reacting When Issues of Sexuality and Intimacy Arise
  • How to Respond When Someone Ask the Same Questions Over and Over Again
  • Optimizing Ways and Means for Successful Transitions While Minimizing Distress
  • Providing Support When Mobility Rules are Not Regarded
  • Help Beyond Headphones:  Using Music and Rhythm to Promote Purpose
  • Enhancing Engagement Without Breaking the Bank
  • Decoding Distress in Dementia
  • How to Recognize the Various Dementias in Order to Provide Effective Support
  • Improving Communication Skills to Avoid Pitfalls and Refusals

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