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Care Partner Concerns Series (Recorded Webinars)


This program was designed to create a learning space for individuals who are providing care for people living with dementia.  This is a series of pre-recorded webinars with Teepa Snow and the PAC Team.  Each session contains approximately 90 minutes of content.

Topics include:

  • How to Get Started When Big Changes are Needed
  • Exploring Sexuality, Intimacy, and Dementia
  • How to Help When Someone is Lost in Time or Place
  • “Have You Seen My Mother?” – Dealing with Sadness and Loss
  • How to Use Music When You are not a Music Therapist
  • How to Provide Support When Someone is Feeling Trapped or Imprisoned
  • How to Provide Support When Physical Resistance Presents
  • Strategies to Get Someone to a Healthcare Provider When They Don’t Want to Go
  • Exploring the Causes and Meaning of Sundowning
  • How to Offer Choices That Empower People and Meet Your Care Agenda

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Licensing Disclaimer: This content is intended for individual use only. If you are interested in multiple party viewings or licensing of this content for use in your training services, please contact for further information. 

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