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Becoming Dementia Aware (Online Course)


This 3 hour course will allow you to dive into dementia in a way you never have before. Teepa will take you through the many areas of the brain affected by dementia and will give you skills and strategies for better ways to care. Whether you are caring for a loved one, caring as a professional, or simply interested in learning more about this disease called DEMENTIA… you have come to the right place.

See Description for Class Curriculum


Class Curriculum

An introduction to Teepa Snow and the PAC methods

  • Teepa’s Welcome Clip (0:44)
  • Becoming Dementia Aware – Section 1: Getting to know Teepa Snow (15:19)

Dementia and the Brain

  • Becoming Dementia Aware – Section 2: Diving Deeper into Dementia (25:49)
  • Becoming Dementia Aware – Section 3: The Brain (25:02)

Better Ways to Care

  • Becoming Dementia Aware- Section 4: Seeing and Responding to the Changes (24:29)
  • Becoming Dementia Aware- Section 5: Greet Before you Treat (21:39)
  • Becoming Dementia Aware- Section 6: The Positive Physical Approach (PPA) (23:11)
  • PAC Skills In Depth (6:27)
  • Becoming Dementia Aware- Section 7: After PPA (21:35)
  • Becoming Dementia Aware- Section 8: Caring for ALL (18:35)

Overall Review

  • Becoming Dementia Aware- Section 9: The Review (45:34)
  • Course Follow-up

Teepa’s Songs and the PAC Team

  • PAC Team Songs (4:12)
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