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Becoming Dementia Aware – Group Learning Module

$8.00 / year / per Learner (*Requires payment for a minimum of 50 Learners)

Starts at $400 per year for the first 50 learners.
Only $8 per additional learner per year!

  • Group Learning Modules require a minimum purchase of 50 learners
  • Subscription renews annually

Give each of your team members access to Teepa Snow’s Videos!

With this Group Learning Module, up to 50 members of your team will have individual 24/7 access to the video content. Assign a Group Leader, and easily monitor progress and quiz results of your staff members.

This Group Learning Module includes the following:

  • Video Content: Becoming Dementia Aware Course (189 Minutes)
  • Outline and Objectives
  • Additional Resource Materials (pdf) covering:
    • GEMS State Model
    • The Umbrella of Dementia
    • Six Pieces of the Puzzle
    • Positive Physical Approach/Action Starters/Personal Connection
    • PAC Hand Core Values/Mission
  • Quiz for Primary Video (20 Questions)
    • Quizzes are embedded in the course, automatically graded, and can be retaken if needed
  • Personalized Certificate of Completion (pdf)
    • Certificate is automatically generated and emailed to the Learner
  • A one year license to use the video content is included; license renewal will be granted upon payment of the yearly license renewal fee
  • Total Video Run Time: 3+ hours (189 minutes)
    • Please note: Learners will require additional time to review included resource materials and complete the quiz

This Group Learning Module will be your practical starting point in helping staff become aware that by making a few simple changes, they can significantly improve the lives of those living with dementia.

Need access for more than 50 staff members? For just $8 per additional learner per year, purchase additional seats by increasing the quantity in the box below.


  • Only one Online Group Learning product can be purchased per order. You will be required to create a Group Name during checkout.
  • Please select the maximum number of learners you may need, as additional learners cannot be added to the same group at a later time.
    • Please note that the Group Leader counts as one seat. (For example, if you’d like 50 Learners and 1 Group Leader, you’ll need to purchase 51 seats.)

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Subscriptions renew annually.


Course Curriculum


  • Meet Teepa (11:58)
  • Dementia 101 (5:49)
  • Course Outlines and Objectives

The Basics of Teepa Snow and Positive Approach to Care Techniques

  • Becoming Dementia Aware – Chapter 1: Getting to know Teepa Snow (13:18)
  • Becoming Dementia Aware – Chapter 2: Diving Deeper into Dementia (22:28)
  • Becoming Dementia Aware – Chapter 3: The Brain (20:00)

Better Ways to Care

  • Becoming Dementia Aware- Chapter 4: Seeing and Responding to the Changes (24:29)
  • Becoming Dementia Aware- Chapter 5: Greet Before you Treat (21:39)
  • Becoming Dementia Aware- Chapter 6: The Positive Physical Approach (PPA) (23:11)
  • PAC Skills In Depth (6:27)
  • Becoming Dementia Aware- Chapter 7: After PPA (21:35)
  • Becoming Dementia Aware- Chapter 8: Caring for ALL (18:35)

Overall Review

  • Becoming Dementia Aware- Chapter 9: The Review (28:22)

Additional Resources (PDF)

  • GEMS State Model
  • The Umbrella of Dementia
  • Six Pieces of the Puzzle
  • Positive Physical Approach/Action Starters/Personal Connection
  • PAC Hand Core Values/Mission

Assessments (Quiz)

  • Final Quiz for Course Content


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