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Advanced Care Skills in Late Stage Dementia (DVD)


Are you caring for a person living in the late stages of dementia?

Whether you work in skilled, hospice, or in a home care setting, this program is a must-see for anyone who seeks to provide the most comfort, dignity, and quality of life to the person living with dementia.

This program offers step-by-step instructions and hands-on skills for a variety of late stage care needs, all based on Positive Approach® techniques to help care partners handle even the most complex situations and reduce their risk of injury.


  • how to calmly get a person out of bed while protecting your back
  • how to safely transfer a person from bed to wheelchair
  • how to best transfer a person from bed to wheelchair using a SARA lift
  • how to bathe and dress a person in bed while protecting their dignity
  • how to assist with eating and drinking using the most compassionate care techniques

DVD Features:

  • Over one and a half hours of information, tips, and techniques
  • individual workshop chapters for quick access
  • link to downloadable handout, so you can easily recall the learned information


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Total Runtime: 115 minutes

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