PAC Happenings This Week


Positive Approach to Care (PAC) Happenings from July 8 - 14

We just shared our 35th Care Partner Podcast - listen below!

How about a quick Blog Read?

Read our newest blog post “6 GEMS® You Need to Know For A Positive Approach to Dementia Care

Look at the back of the GEMS States Card for ideas of what you can do to support each GEMS State – Visual cues, Verbal cues, and Action Cues!

Maybe a Webinar!

Teepa offers personalized webinars for different groups. Sessions can run from one-to four hours.

If you want to have Teepa on site, but it is not possible… Consider a Community or Group Live Webinar! Several groups have already found interactive webinars to be a terrific way to connect and learn together! Contact Polly at if you are interested in something for your group!

PAC On-Line – Webinars and More!


Are you a member of our Certified Community? If you are, we are offering a Free, Live Webinar this week. On Wednesday, July 17th from 4-5 pm ET, Alejandro DeJesus will provide a session open to all of our community members on Reinforcing Multiple Intelligences. Make sure you reserve you spot by signing up here.


If you are a family member or personal care partner for someone living with dementia and are looking for a supportive community for learning and sharing, consider gathering with us in collaboration with the Alzheimer Support Network of Naples for a free, on-line session focused on a Friends and Family Guide to Visiting on Monday, July 22nd from 5-6:30 pm ET. Sign up ahead of time to join us in the Zoom room, Free! For more info and to sign up, click here.


Wednesday, July 31st 7-8:30 pm ET - Ask Teepa Anything – Live on Facebook – Free - Click here for more info or to sign up to be in the Zoom Room

PAC Certifications

It is a good week to register for one of the Certification Courses that are coming up later in July, August or September.

If you are responsible for helping others learn about dementia and how to provide person-focused care. Our Washington DC course is full. You might want to consider one of our Trainer Certifications in Denver, CO (August 19-20) or Montreal (September 5-6)! Click here to learn more about Trainer Certifications.

Wanting to get new habits of care in place, consider Coaching. Join us at the last minute in London, UK (July 4-5), or in Detroit (August 1-2).

Trying to address challenges in care and help teams work together for success, find out about Consultant. You are a little too late for the Consultant Course we are offering this week in Naples, FL. However, we have three courses coming up this year. One is happening very soon in Ottawa, ON (July 25-26) later on in Milwaukee, WI on October 3-4 and finally on December 5-6th in Dallas, TX.  

PAC Services

At PAC, we have a variety of client services, when it comes to training and skill building.

We have accomplished PAC speakers to provide top notch conference or workshop sessions and programs. If you are responsible for booking a presenter who can hold the attention of a large audience or you need someone to keep a diverse group of group members engaged, consider an accomplished PAC Speaker. Click here to find out more, email us at or call 877-877-1671 x5 and talk with Tracy.

If you run a residential program or offer dementia care services, and want your staff members to better understand those they serve while they provide better support, we offer Skills Days. For a full day, accomplished PAC Mentors, prepared to both train and coach, work with employees to foster skill development.

Not interested in an in-person event, but still looking for high quality offerings? How about a live webinar session with Teepa or another member of our PAC accomplished team! Click here and let us know you are interested.

PAC’s First Conference

We have a Play on our Opening night! What are you up to on November 16th through the 18th? Consider time with us in North Carolina.  Check out our November Conference! The base cost is only $250 for two days of programming and sessions. Here is a clip from our opening A GEMS Journey: Facets of Change Stage Show

Love to see video clips of Teepa? We’ll be uploading more video clips over the next weeks! Get automatically notified when new videos are live by clicking here and subscribing to our YouTube channel!


Dementia Umbrella Resource Cards

Would you like to have something you could share with others that identifies the various forms of dementia?

How about a simple resource that lists some of the key symptoms for various forms of dementia?

Take a look at our Resource Card – packs of 25 are available in the store for only $18.50.

PAC Skills Make the Difference Inservice Script and DVD set

Would you like to do more than just throw a DVD in the player for your staff awareness or orientation session for Care of People Living with Dementia?

Is time limited for sessions and yet it is clear more knowledge and skill would change how care is given and staff satisfaction ratings?

Take a peek at this resource. It combines the content from our DVD on care delivery for people in various ability states with their dementia (DVD format or on-streaming format) with a simple script that breaks the content into 14 sessions that are 15-20 minutes long. The license to use the script is included in the price. Total for the package $129 to $139.


Now that she has gotten back from England and California, She is traveling across the Eastern US!

Teepa is at the LVHM Fleming Memory Center in Allentown, Pa on Monday, July 15th from 9 am- 3 pm ET. If you are interested and available, here is more on the program. Contact email if you want register or get more details.

On Tuesday, July 16th, she will be over in Jackson, TN conducting a training session for the students at the Jackson State Community College from 9 am -4 pm CT.

Wednesday, you can join Teepa and our mentor, Rebekah Wilson in Culpeper, VA. The Piedmont Dementia Education Committee and Aging Together have sponsored an event at Eastern View High School from 8-4:30 pm ET. Check out the details here. For more information, please contact Kathi Walker at 540-825-3100 x. 3416

After that, Teepa goes to Ponte Verde Beach area for a keynote session during the Florida Senior Living Association Conference. Then on to Naples, Florida, where she will help the PAC Mentor Team of Amanda Bulgarelli, Carolyn Lukert, and Teffie Landman in the Consultant Certification Course we will be offering there.

Once we finish up that program, Teepa will jaunt over to Miami, with Carolyn Lukert in tow. On Saturday from 11:30-12:30 Teepa will be offering a Private Webinar for Poet’s Walk of Round Rock, Texas.

Then, it is on to the beach area, to provide a session at the Florida State Guardianship Association Conference on Dementia in the Courtroom. If you are a member of that group, we hope you will attend.

Click here to see Teepa's schedule!

Additional PAC Products of Note

We have some great Learning Kits to help you help your staff become more aware and gain some knowledge of practical interaction skills and hands-on care support techniques. Take a look and see if one or more of these resources could help you! We are also going to be offering an on-line system that will allow you to monitor each person’s use and progress, thru Learn-Dash. Click here for more info.


We will be offering another On-Line Care Partner Support Series soon for family members and friends. The next series will start on September 14th and run to October 12th. This Journey is not a sprint, it is a marathon. Get the support you need to stay the distance and keep yourself well! More Here.

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