PAC Happenings This Week


What is happening at Positive Approach to Care (PAC) 

from September 23 - 29

Positive Approach to Care Podcast! 

We have 40 Podcasts with Teepa covering numerous topics! Click the link below to browse and listen today. 

Look here for the full listing of what we have available!

Online Dementia Journal

September's Online Dementia Journal Issue is here! Click here to view

To see other issues or to sign up to recieve this free monthly resource, click here!

Maybe a Webinar! Come join us


Monday, September 30th 2-3:30 pm ET – Our Care Partner Concerns Webinar Series for Individuals Topic will be on Understanding and Coping with Sundowning. Cost=$20. Learn more here


Monday, September 30th 4-5:30 pm ET – Our Care Partner Connection Webinar Series for Teams Topic will be on Recognizing the Different Dementias and Why It Matters Cost=$20. Learn more here

Teepa offers personalized webinars for different groups. Sessions can run from one-to four hours.

If you want to have Teepa on site, but it is not possible… Consider a Community or Group Live Webinar! Several groups have already found interactive webinars to be a terrific way to connect and learn together! Contact Polly at if you are interested in something for your group!

PAC On-Line – Webinars and More!


Ask Teepa Anything

  • Wednesday October 30th, 7-8:30 pm EDT
  • Sign up for the Zoom room or join us Live on YouTube

Click here for more info or to sign up to be in the Zoom Room

PAC Certifications

This is the last week to register for one of our Trainer Certifications. There are other Certification Courses that are coming up later in the year, or you can begin planning for 2020! Our 2020 Calendar is out!

If you are responsible for helping others learn about dementia and how to provide person-focused care. You might want to consider one of our remaining Trainer Certifications for the year. We are offering programs in San Fran-Sacramento area (September 23-24) or something later in the year in Minneapolis or Orlando! Click here to learn more about Trainer Certifications.

If Trainer is not your gig, consider the possibility of Coach, Consultant, or Engagement Leader (only if you are in Alaska).

Additional new research is supporting the need to help staff practice the skills covered in in-services and trainings, if we really want to see those skills used in daily interactions. PAC Coach is the Certification that is designed to provide you with the tools, guided practice, and support you need to change, so that you can help others change! “We tell them, and tell them, and tell them, and they still don’t do it!” becomes “Show me…”, “Tell me more…”, “Let’s try… “, and “I noticed…”. Care changes, when we change how we care and support staff!

We still have a one offering of this vital course in helping to promote real changes in delivery of services and support. November 7-8th in St Louis, MO.

Trying to address challenges in care and help teams work together for success, find out about Consultant. We only have two Consultant courses left in this calendar year. Both are in the middle of the US. One to the north and one to the south. Check out the beautiful fall colors and Wisconsin cheese by joining PAC in Milwaukee, WI on October 3-4, or celebrate the spirit of Texas and skip the freezing cold of winter for a few days in Dallas, TX on December 5-6th.

PAC Services

Whether you are living on your own with dementia, supporting someone on your own, helping out a friend or family members, or working professionally. PAC is working to support you!

If you are part of a community, organization, or agency serving elders, people with life-long disabilities, individuals with mental health challenges, or the general public, PAC has a variety of options, when it comes to raising awareness, gaining knowledge, building skill, and developing competence and confidence.

Whether on-line or in-person, free or for-a-fee, or five-minutes to full days, we have something for everyone.

We have accomplished PAC speakers to provide top notch conference or workshop sessions and programs.

If you are responsible for booking a presenter who can hold the attention of a large audience or you need someone to keep a diverse group of group members engaged, consider an accomplished PAC Speaker. Click here to find out more, email us at or call 877-877-1671 x5 and talk with Tracy.

If you run a residential program or offer dementia care services, and want your staff members to better understand those they serve while they provide better support, we offer Skills Days. For a full day, accomplished PAC Mentors, prepared to both train and coach, work with employees to foster skill development.

Not interested in an in-person event, but still looking for high quality offerings? How about a live webinar session with Teepa or another member of our PAC accomplished team! Click here and let us know you are interested.

If you are just curious and want to see what this is all about, consider watching one of our YouTubes. Click here for our starter set.  If you prefer listening to looking, try out one of our Podcasts. Click here for a list of possible Podcasts.


It’s almost here… Take a Look at This! A New Way to Share PAC!!!!

Learn More Here


Back from Poland… but not sitting still for long! On the Internet and on the Road Again!

Monday and Tuesday on line in NC! Sessions for Care Partners, and for Care Communities across the North American continent!

After that she will hop a plane to Minnesota, then drive over to Indianhead Technical Community College for two days of programs. If you are nearby, please consider joining in. To learn more, click here.

Then she drives back to MSP and hops a plane over to Sioux Falls, SD to offer programs at the South Dakota Physical Therapy State Meeting, under the sponsorship of Big Stone Therapy on Saturday and Sunday. If by any chance you are near there, consider coming. click here to learn more.

Love to see video clips of Teepa? We’ll be uploading more video clips over the next weeks! Get automatically notified when new videos are live by clicking here and subscribing to our YouTube channel!

Additional PAC Products of Note

We have some new products making their way to the PAC Store and website!

We have a new Chapter in our Seeing It from the Other Side Video Series. This one focuses on screening for signs of change, working with people who are in a Diamond state, and building interaction skills when different abilities are getting int eh way of living well!

We have a new GEMS State ToolKit to help recognize abilities and changes, identify GEMS States, build care plans that are person-centered, and cope with challenges and crises by matching responses to needs.

We have put together a set of Posters to share out. The goal is to raise awareness, increase a bit of knowledge, and encourage the use of PAC skills. Posted one at a time, in sets of two or all at once, this resource can start conversations and improve focus!

Additionally, we are working on a new way to help staff get their education requirements completed while ensuring they are taking something away from a session that can help them change their attitude, thinking, or actions!!!! Our new Learn-Dash system of managing data!


Our On-Line Care Partner Support Series starts this week for family members and friends. This series started on September 14th and goes until October 12th. This Journey is not a sprint, it is a marathon. Get the support you need to stay the distance and keep yourself well! More Here. We will be starting up another opportunity, when this one is completed!

PAC’s First Conference

November 16th -18th we are all gathering at Research triangle Park in NC. We have Speakers coming in from across the country and beyond. Check out our November Conference! If you are looking for continuing education, new ideas and skill development, a very different conference experience, new relationships, renewal of existing friendships, meeting people in many fields of practice, situations in life, and types and forms of dementia. What an amazing opportunity for all of us! Check out some of our presenters by listening to their Podcasts!

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