Looking for an easier way for your team members to watch Teepa Snow videos?

Can't pull people off the floor for training?

Coming Soon:

Online Group Learning

Give each of your team members access to Positive Approach to Care (PAC) Videos with Teepa Snow!

With Online Group Learning,  members of your team will get individual 24/7 online access to Teepa Snow video content!

Assign a Group Leader, and easily monitor progress and quiz results of your staff members.

Video Access Around the Clock

  • Easily monitor course progress & quiz results
  • Download reports for easy tracking & documentation

Individual Accounts for Each Staff Member

  • Now your staff can access Teepa Snow videos 24/7*
  • Have your staff use slow times productively to learn new Teepa Snow skills

Easily Accessible from Any Device*

  • Have your staff view the programs from a PC, Mac, laptop, tablet, or even cellphone!* (*Internet connection required)
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