January 2021 Issue

Until There's A Cure, There's Care.

Welcome to 2021 with Teepa!
by Teepa Snow, MS, OTR/L, FAOTA

Oh the Times They are a Changin'!

by Amanda Snow Bulgarelli,  
PAC Chief Operations Officer

Let’s face it, this past year didn’t really go as planned, but does it ever? At Positive Approach to Care® we immediately shifted virtually, cut our company in half, staying just afloat. Then we started to hold up a mirror to our offerings. We realized that we had some really wonderful audiences, but we were doing a disservice to you and to us if we kept everyone all in one bucket.

Our homepage now asks, What is your relationship with dementia? In order to match the audience focus of our website to our Online Dementia Journal, we are shifting from the corner layout of 2020 to more reflect the layout of our website. You will still see some of your favorite authors and articles regularly throughout the year. If you find you are missing something that we used to have, let us know. We will stay Sapphire and flexible, adapting to support you.

One Fact Almost Everyone Gets Wrong About Dementia

by Valerie Feurich,  
PAC Director of Marketing and Technology 

Did you know that over 90% of the general population use the terms Dementia and Alzheimers Disease interchangeably, but these two terms are actually not the same?

Dementia is an umbrella term that describes a large variety of conditions. Of these conditions, Alzheimers Disease, is a subtype (and if you look at the umbrella graphic, you can see that there are even different types of Alzheimers).

In fact, presently it is believed that there are over 120 different types of dementia.

Continue reading for more information about some of the most common forms of dementia

PAC Connections 2021

by Heather Troy,  
Online Dementia Journal Administrator

Hello all! My name is Heather and I'm extremely excited to start a new journey of connection with you, our PAC community. Please listen in to find out more. Also, don't hesitate to reach out to journal@teepasnow.com with any questions, comments, or concerns.

In This Issue:

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People Living with Dementia

At PAC, we cannot do what we do without help from our friends who are living with dementia. In this section of the Online Dementia Journal, we will share out info from our Core Team. If you are interested in being a part of the PAC Core Team or would like to contribute a story or video, please contact Corrie via email.

by Lauren U,
PAC Core Team Member

Another difficult month for so many. COVID-19 is out and about and awful. No need to speak about that except to ask that people stay safe and wear a mask please!

For me it has been a month of MD visits, labs, and consults. I will have several procedures in December and January.

      Continue reading Lauren's entire article

      Arts Corner for the New Year

      by Kathryn Quinlan,  
      PAC Product and Services Coordinator

      If you are interested in working with Kathryn on a submission about your art or creative endeavors, please send a message by email. If you know about a super creative partnership between someone living with dementia and their care partner, please let her know as well. Thank you!

      Family / Friend Care Partners

      We will use this section of the journal to share out ideas, perspectives, and experiences from Family and Friend Care Partners just like you. If you are interested in contributing a story, photo, or video, please contact Christine via email.

      Helping You Find Your Light Bulb Moments

      by Christine Browdy,
      PAC Product Development and Valerie Feurich, PAC Director of Marketing and Technology

      Welcome to our Family and Friends Corner! Join us each month as we discover light bulb moments that will provide you with quick and practical tips to everyday living.

      Our Alzheimers Journey - Part Three

      by Gwendolyn Pine

      Months before I needed it, my friend convinced me to visit nursing homes. I thought it would be years before we were ready. I made a list of the things I wanted to ask and see at each place and she accompanied me on the first few visits and took notes for me. I visited thirteen facilities and narrowed it down to two. Alas, the one I picked had twenty people on the waiting list. At that point in the journey, I decided to wait and increase the hours of the in-home help.

      As Steve’s condition declined, I set criteria for moving him to a residential care facility, because I knew I would never think the time was right if I did not have a guide. First, I decided that when the cost of hiring people to care for him was equal to or more than the cost of a memory care facility, it would be time. The second criterion was when my stress was so bad that none of the methods I use for stress reduction work.

      Continue reading about Steve and Gwen's journey

      Relationship Goals 2021

      by Carolyn Lukert, MBA, CGCM,  
      PAC Consultant and Mentor

      Happy New Year! Thank goodness we made it through 2020! As we turn the corner into 2021, I am going to shift from my typical format of answering reader questions to share some details about what you might expect from a consulting relationship with Positive Approach to Care® in the year to come.

      First and foremost, the word relationship is key. We seek to connect with you, the person, as we work together to explore next steps relevant to your specific situation. We acknowledge that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions to the challenges that come along with dementia-related conditions.

      Continue reading for more information and opportunities to connect

      Professional Connections

      Professional Connections will focus on providing information, resources, and products for dementia care professionals. We hope in 2021 to provide valuable information while building a network of dementia care professionals who share our mission, core values, and passion.

      2020, Oh Well
      by Stephanie "Teffie" Landmann, COTA/L,  
      PAC Support Mentor, Coach, and Trainer

      Happy New Year from Positive Approach to Care®! We have some new offerings for the new year. Below are links to the services and products mentioned in the video.

      What is Teepa Reading?
      Here are a few articles that Teepa has recommended recently.

      The articles vary from those containing scientific research to opinion pieces. They are meant to inform and create discussion on important and relevant topics.

      We’re proud to partner with Mediaplanet for its Alzheimer’s and Senior Care campaign! Having a loved one get diagnosed with Alzheimers or another form of dementia is difficult — it likely means the person you know will slowly fade away. However, research has shown that the right diet, exercise, and some emerging medical procedures can slow the effects of these diseases or even prevent them all together. Learn more by finding the campaign in USA Today and online here.

      Organization Care

      Creating a culture that cares is easy, creating a culture that is positive and skilled in person-centered care with dementia is much trickier. Organizational Care will explore ways to positively impact your organization.

      Let's Get Organized

      by Debi Tyler-Newsom, OTR/L,  
      PAC Client Relations Director

      What does getting organized mean for an organization that provides dementia care services? It’s really no different than a personal plan to lose weight or organize the garage tools. A good plan starts with a vision of a new outcome. The tangible vision of that outcome is a goal. With weight loss it might be a smaller dress size, a summer bikini, or a set number of pounds to shed. For the cluttered garage, it might be a glossy magazine photo of bins and hooks and everything in its place, all with appropriate labels.

      When an organization wants to improve services for those they care for, the vision might begin with awareness of new skills that staff could use to make a difference. It might be imagining family members that rave to others about the care their loved one receives. Perhaps it is a desire for better staff retention, fewer reports documenting patient/staff incidents, lower use of medication to manage behaviors, or weary staff feeling refreshed with new found enjoyment in their daily responsibilities.

      Continue reading to see how PAC can help your organization get organized this new year

      The GEMS®: Brain Change Model

      The only constant with dementia, or brains in general, is that they are ever-changing. All humans experience brain change every day. This GEMS model, developed by Teepa Snow and based on the Allen Cognitive Scale, recognizes the shifts in our skills and abilities in any given moment. With dementia, while the progression, pattern, and changes may look very different for each type of dementia, the movement through the GEMS is somewhat predictable. Your understanding of the remaining abilities at each step of this journey can make a world of difference.

      "Just like gems, each person is precious, valuable, and unique, and given the right setting and care, can shine." - Teepa Snow

      In our Community Care Circle, we encourage you to become a voice for dementia care locally and around the world. Share your insights. Be a voice for those who cannot speak. Inspire others to take action!

      Use #communitycarecircle in your posts to let folks know you support the full circle of community care and that we are all in this together. Share out your message and tag us on social media.

      Certified Community
      Connections (C3)

      This corner is designed to provide a forum for sharing among our Certified Community of over 1,800 members. There will be articles and interviews that will help this community become better connected and more aware of each other and the work that is being done to change the culture of dementia care!

      Certified Community Opportunities for 2021

      by Alejandro DeJesus,  
      PAC Lead Mentor Coordinator

      • Certified Community Open Door: Every Friday from 1-2 pm Eastern via Zoom.
      • Certified Community Webinars: This FREE webinar series continues this year with a twist.
      • Champion Course Peek In: Interested in seeing how PAC is running our 2-hour Champion sessions and to see what mentors do during those events?
      • Certified Community Group on Facebook: If you are on Facebook and are a member of the Certified Community, we invite you to stay connected with PAC and one another.
      • Straight Up Positive (SUP!): Every Tuesday from 7-8 pm Eastern, check out our Livestream show on Facebook.
      • Connect to your page on the PAC Website: You have a page on our website. Have you updated it?

      Building PAC Within Your Practice

      by Jami Myers, MOT/L,
      OT Clinical Specialist

      Positive Approach to Care has launched an Amazon Storefront

      Resource Connection

      This section will highlight and share out new resources and provide information on free and for-a-fee resources. We will share out about PAC online and in store products, PAC services, and PAC Certification options, especially our newly expanded PAC Champion offerings, the PAC Annual Conference, and Teepa's Master Courses.

      Through the Weeds

      by Amanda Snow Bulgarelli,  
      PAC Chief Operations Officer

      2020 made change inevitable, but so does dementia, and so does life for that matter.

      How has PAC changed in our service offerings this year?

      Prior to 2020, imagine PAC’s front yard as a lush, green field, trimmed with the most beautiful wild flowers. Bordered by the largest, most beautiful tree providing shade, comfort, support, and wisdom to anyone that walked by…

      Now, you can choose to see a dandelion as a weed, something to isolate, pull out, and trash, or you can choose to see it as a seed that might just grant a wish. We, at Positive Approach to Care®, chose to see the latter, and that is what we bring to you, an offering of dandelion seeds, or wishes…

      Check out all that we have to offer; including services, events, and products by audience.

      Continue reading to see PAC's seeds and wishes for 2021

      Seeing the GEMS® Workbook - Includes Bonus Videos!

      Seeing the GEMS® Workbook is a 48-page full-color workbook designed to help learners develop a deeper understanding of Teepa Snow’s GEMS State Model. This workbook details the characteristics of the GEMS states and the retained abilities associated with each.

      [thrive_2step id='268169']Click to download Positive Approach to Care's FREE GEMS Dementia Care App[/thrive_2step]

      PAC Partners and Sponsors

      The Picture This app gives the classic, card-matching memory game a modern twist. Use your own pictures as the images to match!

      When a loved one’s memory declines, the ability to recall names and faces can become a struggle. Picture This goes beyond the simple memory exercising game with the ability to use your own pictures for an interactive experience, which will help connect past memories to present realities. Picture This engages the long-term and short-term memory with the act of finding two matching cards. Identifying the friend or family member in the photo by guessing the correct caption will then trigger recall memory skills. Help facilitate communication with Picture This.

      For more information on Picture This, seniors, and memory care, visit our Website and check out our Facebook page. Download Picture This for FREE!

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      Care partners knew my mother as they saw her, but we wanted them to know more, to get a glimpse into her beautiful life story and how much she was loved. The Word Walls brought communication to her in a new way. It became her voice, a conversation starter for care partners to engage with her in a more meaningful way. We had pictures and personal belongings throughout her room but seeing her story was powerful and could not be ignored. That was my goal. I wanted everyone that engaged with my mom to know the wonderful woman she was and would forever be.

      Visit our Word Wall Builder found on the create page of our website to customize your own wall. Please visit our website,  Facebook, or Linkedin for more examples and information.

      This is a paid advertisement, and PAC does not promote or endorse any product not produced by PAC. 

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