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Sharing Your Event

There are several elements that complete the marketing of any event that PAC wishes to promote.

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Every PAC needs to be listed on our website. In order to make this happen, please send the following information to Erin. Note: The sooner we can get things up on the site the better.

  • Date of event
  • Name of the event
  • Location of event
  • Venue Name
  • Address, City, State Zip Code
  • If you the Venue is sponsoring the event, please email a copy of their logo in .jpg or .png format and include their website address
  • Time of event ( ie. 8:30a – 5:30p)
  • Registration link (found in Constant Contact).

If you do not have all of the required info, please make sure that you provide this as soon as you have it.

Communications Campaigns

At a minimum of 8 Weeks prior to your event, please provide an outline of your communications plan to include the following:

Publication Goals:

  • How many promos do you want to send prior to the event.
  • Requested dates for publication - Target audience
  • Tell us more about your ideas for promos.
  • Will you be creating text for an email or would you like to put a team together to create a video for promotion?

This doesn’t have to be too detailed. It can be as simple as the sample below:

Event: Feb. 21st Webinar

Requested Dates:

  • Jan 17th – Launch Promo – Full Email list and Social Media
  • Jan 31st – Email with Video from Teepa – Full Email list and Social Media
  • Feb 7th – Email – Professionals Only
  • Feb 14th – Social Media Only

Notes: I would like to include a video of Teepa talking about what we will do on the webinar but I’m not sure how to go about this. Can we setup a time to chat?

Communications Campaign Submission Process

  • Complete Marketing form (approximately 2 weeks out from date of publication) - send to Dan and cc Erin
  • Dan will proofread the submission and return it to the creator with notes
  • Correct/accept changes from Dan and resend it for confirmation. Please make sure you review all form fields. If you do not update the form to show that Dan has approved it, it creates more work for us to confirm that things are OK to move through the rest of the process.
  • Send final to Erin at least 3 days prior to release.
  • Erin will the send the final campaign to Dick and Corrie for one last approval.
  • Erin will publish the campaign.

Emergency projects

  • Email the project to Dan and cc Erin
  • Text them to inform them you submitted a last-minute project for approval
  • If it is deemed an emergency text Dick @919-740-7340 informing him of an emergency and email the project to
  • Once Dick edits it you will need to make the corrections and send it back to Dick before sending it to Erin

Campaign Submission Form

Company Logos

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