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Berkley, MI

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I'm a RN with MS in Psychiatric Nursing. My work has always been with adult medical surgical patients in a variety of settings. I have also taught nurse assistants (to be certified in Michigan), LPNs and RN. My Mom had vascular dementia; my sister lived with her in California. That's when I found out how complex and exhausting caring for someone living with dementia was. I went back to college for a certificate in dementia care 2014. During that time I also studied and passed board certification exam in Gerontological Nursing. I work part-time in a major hospital. I facilitate caregiver support groups with Alzheimer's Assoc. and Association of Frontal Temporal Degeneration as a volunteer. I did self-study with Teepa's materials for a couple of years, attended a couple of her workshops, and went for PAC training 2017. Now I want more opportunity to use these wonderful materials!

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