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Discovery Bay, CA

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Being trained and by following Teepa Snow's philosophy with her Positive Approach to Care, and working with aging adults for the last 10 years +, started her journey as a Dementia Trainer and her love and dedication for aging adults. Working in the hospitality industry for the Grand Hyatt in SF and having a great mentor showed her that each guest that walked through the hotel lobby had a story. It made her realize that their stories should not be forgotten. After leaving the Hyatt, Lisa worked for a few different Senior Living Communities. Working in Sales and Marketing and then stepping into an Executive Director position running an assisted living community. Receiving her RCFE and PAC Training Certification, and working in the Senior Living industry made her realize that everyone had a story and they should not be forgotten. Lisa's Dementia Training from Teepa Snow has given her the guidance to help ease hearts of caregivers, families and neighbors and help them understand and guide them as they walk through the journey of Aging and Dementia. “Until there’s a cure, there’s care!”

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