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Tammy Bryant

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West Point, CA

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Tammy is an organized, self-motivated Certified Dementia Practitioner that excels in researched based programming for people living with dementia. Highly skilled in the process of organizing a recreation department and consistently seeks opportunities to provide dementia care training with the Positive Approach to Care curriculum. During her time working in assisted living and memory care communities, she saw the need for more specific education that related to dementia care. While enrolled in the gerontology program at her local community college, a colleague mentioned that she should watch some recordings of Teepa Snow and that she would absolutely be captivated by what she had to offer. Well, she was right, and ever since, she tells everyone about PAC and the amazing knowledge and insight that they have to offer. Tammy instantly knew that this is what she was searching for and approximately five years later, she flew to Salt Lake City for the PAC Trainer Certification. She decided that the Trainer Certification was not what she wanted to focus on and decided to become a Certified Independent Engagement Leader. She is happy with this change as her passion is in programming and teaching her staff about the joys this has to offer. In her spare time, she enjoys crocheting comfort shawls, looking through various recipes and baking. At times, she enjoys writing short stories about recipes that she has prepared for her family in the past. Bread making is a past time that she thoroughly enjoys because it creates a sense of calm and comfort in her home. Gardening is also a passion that she has developed and someday wants to have a large pumpkin patch that she can share with her friends and family. Growing different varieties of squash and gourds are her favorite. She looks forward to finding ways to share her favorite leisure activities with those that she works with and serves.

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