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Scottsdale , AZ

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I am a seasoned Speech Language Pathologist of 17 years, Certified Dementia Specialist, Certified Dementia Practioner and now PAC certified Independent traine and Coach. I am entering my apprenticeship with PAC in the hopes of being a mentor for PAC. I have worked for amy companies as well as owned my own private practice in a well known Neurologist office in FL in which my focus was to help families and people living with Dementia. I have recently moved to Scottsdale AZ and am looking to work with families and/or professionals to best meet the needs of People Living with Dementia. Without a cure, there is always care. I may not be able to help the whole world but if i can help 1 person than that is 1 more person in the world life that I was able to make a loving mark with.

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