Sue S. Wilson, LMSW

Sue S. Wilson, LMSW

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Austin, TX

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I am a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) and certified dementia care practitioner bringing over 35 years of professional and personal experience in educating and consulting with family members, professional care-providers, and state and federal officials. I understand the need to embrace dementia care for our loved ones with great respect and sensitivity. I am passionate about equipping professionals and family members with the awareness, knowledge and skills to be engaged as effective care-partners and advocates for individuals living with dementia. In addition to being a certified PAC Trainer and PAC Consultant, I am a Certified Master Trainer of Compassionate Touch® and Dementia Live™. I consult in person and over the phone with family members, I conduct workshops at conferences, and I travel to care communities bringing needed training materials and props, audio-visual equipment, sign-in sheets and certificates of participation. Contact me at 512-799-5043 to discuss your needs. Visit my website at

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