Cheryl Buchholtz

Cheryl Buchholtz

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Plattsville , Ontario

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Cheryl Buchholtz is a Personal Support Worker with 23 years of Long Term Care experience. Cheryl has passion for caring for and supporting people living with dementia. Cheryl has a strong connection with people of higher needs. She is able to see them for who they were and love and respect them for who they have become. Cheryl has served on the Behavioural Support Ontario Team for 5 years! With the knowledge and awareness that Cheryl has gained from PAC and completing the PAC Trainer certification and PAC Consultant certification she is not only supporting PLWD she is consulting and providing ongoing support with Care partners as they live the journey of dementia related challenges. Cheryl’s role with the PAC team is a Support mentor/virtual mentor supporting new learners through the PAC certification process. When not working Cheryl loves spending quality time with her husband, two adult children and 5 grandchildren. Best not leave her white Sheppard Quazzy out, as he is the biggest child of the household.

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