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Austin, TX

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Thank you for considering choosing me as your consultant. I appreciate your courage in seeking counseling. I am a social worker and EMDR Trained Therapist at Divine Mercy Counseling in Austin, Texas. My specialties are EMDR therapy, trauma, older adults, caregiving, dementia, and grief. I became a social worker in midlife. After earning degrees in physics, I worked for 27 years as an investment analyst. During 16 of those years, I served as a caregiver to elderly family members, and found that caregiving was the work I loved. Accordingly, I earned a Master of Social Work degree from Baylor University; interned in a medical clinic and a hospice agency; obtained an LMSW license (Licensed Master Social Worker, Texas #69390); and became a PAC Certified Independent Consultant and an EMDR Trained Therapist. It would be an honor to work with you in this part of your life journey, and to assist in your healing, growth, and transformation.

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