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Minneapolis, MN

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Jeanne Bain, M.A. is the director of Be Love Navigation & Care Support. Located in Minneapolis, MN she is willing to consult virtually anywhere in the world. With a specialty in end-of-life navigation, Jeanne can help you solidify your a dementia informed death plan (or healthcare directive), write an ethical will, connect you with people who can clear out an apartment or home and point you in the direction of care staff who can support you in your final days. She can be as involved in your preparation as you would like (including legacy, ethical will and letter writing) as well as provide support and navigation in your final months and days. As a dementia consultant and trainer, she supports families and communities to support people living with dementia. She has an affinity and background in caring and supporting people living with brain change & dementia and she serves families and solo adults along with partners, parents, children. She brings her background in improv to all of her facilitated conversations, engaging even the most resistant learners.

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