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This is a club no one wants to join; in fact, people would do almost anything to be immune to Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia and the effects, not only for their loved one, but also for themselves. The journey for our family progressed as many do; missed appointments, forgotten get-togethers, odd wardrobe choices, lost glasses, and the ceramic frog in the freezer. There were many explanations, followed by more unexplained behaviors, and it finally became clear that doctor’s input was necessary. Soon after, we had a diagnosis, and our family became members of The Club. The angels led me to Teepa Snow and Positive Approach to Care. Teepa’s workshops gave me answers when I had only questions, insight where I had only confusion, skills when I had only fumbled attempts, confidence when I had only fear, understanding when I had only felt alone. As the Alzheimer’s progressed, I started to notice other families and caregivers with their person, out and about. Many seemed to be doing rather well, but some looked shell-shocked, confused and frustrated. I watched, and listened, to both the person and their caregivers, and I could see how important it was for Teepa’s message and the PAC™ approach to reach as many people as possible. I decided to become Certified as an Independent Positive Approach® to Care Trainer and Consultant. I have been blessed to walk this journey with my mom, and I am dedicated to helping others on the same journey with their loved ones.

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