Amanda Bulgarelli

Amanda Bulgarelli

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Acute Care Preceptor
Engagement Leader

Hillsborough, NC

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With a master's degree in Educational Leadership and Administration, Amanda has been a teacher and leader in schools since 2007. After working in schools and other learning platforms for over 10 years, Amanda has decided to join the Positive Approach™ to Care community as a Lead Mentor, Trainer, Speaker, and Leader. Her skills and experience working with students and adults from around the globe have proven to be a tremendous asset wherever she goes. Through years of teaching, she has grown her ability to give each person in the room an individual experience while learning new information or skills. As a PAC speaker, she uses the Adult Experiential Learning Cycle to help everyone learn in his or her own way. Growing up with Teepa as a mother, Amanda has been a part of the Positive Approach™ to Care from the beginning; serving originally as a teenage volunteer while Teepa developed and refined her approach and skills. Since the training runs in her veins, Amanda can't wait to spread the knowledge and awareness that Teepa Snow gives to the world around us.

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