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Lindsay, Ontario

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At present I am a registered nurse working as a care coordinator in a multidisciplinary specialized geriatric team. I am a certified Psychiatric and Mental Health Nurse as well as a certified Geriatric Nurse. I have been blessed to work for the better part of 40 years, in a variety of roles with people living with dementia . I advocate that we care for the entire gamily, the person living with dementia as well as those caring for them. I believe strongly in Teepa\'s skills and educational opportunities and I provide education and support to all of the families I am privileged to work with. I provided PAC education to families and have provided workshops on visual changes and normal vs not normal aging. My goal is to continue to provide support, empathy , compassion and education to those living with dementia as well as to their families, and Positive Approach to Care is how I plan to do this

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