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I live in Port Alberni on Vancouver Island B.C Canada. I am currently semi retired. Previously I worked as a Licensed Practical nurse in Long Term Care for thirteen years. In 2014 when I was still nursing full time. Our Director of Care took a few of us to a one day seminar to see Teepa Snow. I came away from that day with more than a few "Ahha moments. I put all those "gems" in my pocket and it changed the way I approached my nursing. Teepa didn't just change my practice, she changed my life. In 2017 I took my coaching certification and in 2018 my training certification. I have stepped away from full time nursing. However, I am still serving different communities by providing Teepa's message of working with PLWD. Nothing makes me happier than hearing at the end of a session from someone "I'm going to approach this differently." A big thank you, to everyone involved in this life changing work, very important work.

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