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Camas, WA

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My approach to dementia care is simple: Start where a person is at and build upon their strengths — not weaknesses — in a loving, compassionate way. I’ve worked with the frail elderly for over a decade in total, most recently as a Life Enrichment Coordinator for people living with dementia, but my passion for working with vulnerable populations extends back to childhood, when I grew up alongside two brothers living with developmental disabilities. On February 3, 2020, my mom, Doris, passed away from complications of Alzheimer’s. I helped Mom along the journey called dementia for eight years. She spent her final nine months on the same unit where I was by then working as a Memory Care Life Enrichment Coordinator, which enabled me to see dementia from both sides — the personal and professional. In 2016, I’d first become aware of Teepa Snow’s teachings on dementia and strongly believed in her philosophy. When Mom died, I began to wonder how I could best help the people who would walk this path after me, and I decided to become a Positive Approach® to Care Certified Independent Trainer and Advanced Consultant. Today, I’m inspired to start my own business, Tenderhearted Pathways, INC so that I, Kellie Hagen, President can become curious with others about dementia so they can help their loved ones to enjoy a better quality of life.

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