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I am an Education Coordinator for Aging and Dementia, Long Term Care Disabilities for Alaska Training Cooperative under the Center for Human Development at UAA. I am currently working with Alzheimer's Resource of Alaska to create a robust network of PAC certified Trainers and Engagement Specialist to best serve our unique Alaskan communities and Elder needs. I am thrilled to be able to offer PAC training to my Alaskan communities. I hope to help people make positive changes to their care skills and become more confident in being a care partners as well as increasing the quality of life for our Elders. I have 18+ years working within the IDD community and Senior care. I have been a PCA/DSP, case manager, ALH manger, and a Care Coordinator. My background is well founded in caring for others and it is what brings joy and fulfillment to my life. If you would like to contact me for training please call 907-264-6257. Currently all training is offered via Zoom until further notice.

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