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Fort Worth, TX

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Stephanie or Teffie is a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant, PAC Certified Independent Trainer, Coach, Consultant, and Engagement Leader.  Teffie first earned her Bachelor’s degree in Micro-Biology at the University of Akron located in Akron, Ohio.  She worked in management for over 10 years in Ohio and North Carolina.  Teffie decided to go back to school to earn her associate’s degree in Occupational Therapy in Wilmington, NC.

During that time, she found her passion of caring for people living with dementia.  After graduating, Teffie began traveling the country working in skilled nursing facilities, assisted living and memory care organizations as a travel therapist with her Weimaraner, Jethro.  In 2016 she achieved her Coaching and Trainer Certification through Positive Approach to Care.  Teffie has demonstrated the ability to train others in Teepa Snow's Positive Approach to Care philosophy teaching awareness, knowledge, and skill development in a classroom, community, or support group setting.

Teffie took a permanent position in Texas as a Director of Rehabilitation in 2016 in the great state of Texas to make a greater positive impact for people living with dementia.  Teffie used her coaching and training skills with staff and family members in her organization.  She gained experience in her role as a director and as a trainer.  She ran a high standard for quality of care in her home town location while traveling to other facilities.  She trained and mentored new Directors of Rehabilitation managing up to 4 facilities at once.

In 2018 Teffie became a PAC mentor.  She found a great love mentoring learners in their journey to get a PAC Certification.  Teffie would often say her day job was getting in the way of her passion.  She now has a full-time role with Positive Approach to Care fulfilling her passion for helping folks living with dementia by training and mentoring learners to make a greater positive impact.

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