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Kathleen Landel

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Advanced Consultant

Langley, WA

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Kathleen earned a Master of Arts in Whole Systems Design from Antioch University, Seattle with a focus on community-level systems change. As a PAC Mentor she draws on her experience as a strategy consultant and facilitator to health and human services nonprofits. Kathleen’s personal journey as a care partner for parents living with dementia, was transformed when she met Teepa in 2012. Since becoming a PAC certified trainer, coach and consultant, Kathleen has partnered with senior centers and the libraries in her rural Northwest community to offer PAC workshops for family care partners and professionals. She recently modified and piloted an on-site version of the PAC Care Partner Support Series. Kathleen enjoys her role as a PAC Mentor assisting on certification training teams, and especially 1-on-1 mentoring learners in their certification process. In 2019, she helped launch a PAC certified community network in Washington state, and assists PAC Trainers in being authorized to offer CEs to long-term care workers in the state.

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