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Long Beach, CA

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As an RN for the past 49 years, I have worked primarily in the following ares: Emergency. Department, Prehospital Care, QI/Education, and Administration. During my career, I encountered many patients suffering with dementia and family members struggling to cope with the changes in their loved ones that they are forced to deal with. In 2010 my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. My siblings (all medical professionals) were thrust into the role of caregivers as we watched Mom’s mental and physical health decline. We experience isolation, frustration and helplessness as we attempted to provide the best care possible. We were certainly not prepared for the numerous demands of 24/7 caregiving. Home care agencies and private caregivers were “hit and miss”. Most had little training in appropriate methods to deal with the various aspects of dementia. Additionally, many of the caregivers we encountered spoke limited English and were very difficult to understand. Often, we were left feeling like we were being to “picky” and demanding too much from the caregivers. Fortunately, we were introduced to Teepa and the PAC methods via online video clips and purchased DVDs. As we became more aware we were better able to work with the in-home caregivers to create a better environment for Mom. Things by now we’re NOT perfect but much better! Mom passed away in November 2016 - peacefully at home in her sleep.

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