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Lockhart (Austin), TX

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Located conveniently near Austin and San Marcos with San Antonio being a nearby option. 16 years as a Memory Care Director in facilities, I’ve worked hands on with People Living wit Dementia and consulting with their families. I’m skilled hands on with various dementias, Alzheimer’s Lewy Body, vascular, FTD and others. I hold certifications in Gerontology and Case Management. I’m a certified Activity Professional as well as Certified Assisted Living Manager. In 2010 I became a Certified Validation Worker in “The Feil Method of Validation,” with Naomi Feil, ACSW. 2015 I was so fortunate to meet Teepa Snow, I first became a Certified Consultant, then a Certified Trainer in “Positive Approach to Care.” In 2016 I became a Certified PAC Coach. I offer workshops, staff training and consultations for families either in person or by phone. or (512) 203-2195

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