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Santa Fe , NM

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I'm from Colorado and now residing in Santa Fe, NM. In my 20's after observing what my mother went through with early stage dementia, while I maintained a writing and graduate teaching career, I volunteered for hospice work and for the next ten years specialized in helping dementia patients at the end of their lives. In 2018, I became a Certified Independent PAC® Trainer and Consultant for Teepa Snow. Currently (but let us hope not for long!) I am the only Certified Independent PAC®Trainer and Consultant in New Mexico. I work with medical professionals, caregivers, emergency medical services, neighbors and families to help them learn through knowledge, awareness, and care skills how to better connect, understand, and support people living with dementia. Recently I trained the Santa Fe Police force , and currently I'm assisting twice-monthly meetings at The Gloaming, an ongoing Alzheimer's support group in El Dorado, NM, led by Dr. Kitty Fallon.

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