May 2021

Until There's A Cure, There's Care.

That's Not Safe - How Dementia Changes a Person's Safety Awareness and What We Can Do to Help

by Christine Browdy, PAC Product Development, and Dan Bulgarelli, PAC Team Member

As dementia progresses, a person’s object-use understanding can change. While trying to figure it out, there might be some uh-ohs along the way. Let’s look at why that is, and just as importantly, some changes we can make to increase safety while maintaining that function. We invite you to watch this short YouTube clip that illustrates some of the potential challenges that may show up in the kitchen:

How does object-use recognition change with dementia? Continue reading to learn more

Stop the Baby Talk! People Living with Dementia are Not Children

by Polly Logan,
PAC Executive Assistant and Publications Administrative Coordinator

It is universally understood that young children do not have the capability of consistently making good judgments. They are generally unable to make reasonable risk assessments, and their ability to determine right from wrong is still being developed. As children approach and enter their teen years, it is well-researched that the prefrontal cortex of the brain, which aids in judgment and decision-making, is still not fully developed. So, their judgment abilities may be a bit unreliable.

Continue reading Polly's article for better understanding of our role as Care Partners

Why Do You Want to Click Here? Aren't You Just a Little Curious?

by Dan Bulgarelli,
PAC Team Member

Thank you for clicking on that link. Now I have a question for you – why did you click on the link? Your answer could be one of an infinite number of possibilities, and each one would be valid. Maybe you’ve read something that I’ve written before. Maybe the title gave you a little itch you just had to scratch. Only you know the reason, but have you ever thought about the parts of your brain that affect the decisions you make? I know I hadn’t, but once it was brought to my attention, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Continue reading to find out which part of your brain you can thank for Clicking Here

People Living with Dementia

Positive Approach to Care (PAC) fosters a globally inclusive community of care and we know that we cannot do that without listening to and respecting the rights and concerns of people living with dementia. In this section of the Online Dementia Journal, we will share out info from our PAC Core Team.

by Lauren U,
PAC Core Team Member

I keep reading the same books over and over. It does not matter to me one bit. As long as I can leaf through the pages and find an interesting sentence, I am happily occupied. The only reason I even know about my re-reading is that the public library keeps a list of what I’ve borrowed. I had not noticed. It is perfectly fine with me. I’ve been an avid reader my entire life. I fell in love with books at an early age.

Continue to see how reading helps Lauren

Next offering May 17, 2021 – 3:00 pm ET

Free session open to anyone. Use the skills you’ve got, no matter what brain state you’re in! Held every other Monday from 3:00-4:00 pm ET.

Family / Friend Care Partners

We will use this section of the journal to share out ideas, perspectives, and experiences from Family and Friend Care Partners just like you. If you are interested in contributing a story, photo, or video, please contact Jason via email.

A Box for Grief

by Laura Hendrie,   
PAC Certified Independent Trainer and Consultant

After my mother died—after the phone calls and the newspaper announcements and the consolation cards and the burial arrangements; after the trips to the airport to pick up my four sisters and the long night of sorting and choosing and remembering and confessing and trips to the Goodwill until we had five suitcases waiting by the front door; and finally, after dropping off each sister with a noisy goodbye and a suitcase of memories at the airport to return to her own life—in the relief of the silent three hours it took me to drive home, I found myself in a surprisingly difficult place.

Continue reading to see how Laura preserved memories of her Mother to allow creation of her own

Mom's Memories

by Laurel Hed, LSW, GCM,   
Geriatric Care Manager

After my dad passed away, Mom made a book about his life. It has been such a joy to have and share with our grandchildren.

When Mom first moved into assisted living in 2016, I decided to see if she would like to share some of her memories so I could make a book for her too.

I am so glad I had those visits with Mom. She enjoyed sharing at times, but when she was experiencing some paranoia, then her memories were of dark times and I felt so bad for her.

Continue reading for Laurel's favorite memories of her Mom

Certified Community
Connections (C3)

This corner is designed to provide a forum for sharing among our Certified Community of over 1,800 members. There will be articles and interviews that will help this community become better connected and more aware of each other and the work that is being done to change the culture of dementia care!

Fitness for Mind and Body - The Concentration Curl

by Gretchen M. Ashton, CFT, SFT, SFN, SSC, NBFE, and PAC Certified Independent Consultant

While most of us move our bodies without much thought or effort, aging or injury may require us to think about a movement with great intensity before we attempt it. Exercising is a win – win, providing positive adaptive responses both physically and mentally. Some of the benefits of exercise are improving muscle strength, maintaining connective tissue such as tendons and ligaments, lubricating joints, balancing hormones, and enhancing deep thinking and concentration.

The Concentration Curl is an exercise that helps us demonstrate and practice the mind body connection for muscle strength, rehabilitation, and maintaining overall health.

[thrive_2step id='268169']Click to download Positive Approach to Care's FREE GEMS Dementia Care App[/thrive_2step]

Tips for Difficult Conversations

by Kathleen Landel, MA,  
Strategy Consultant, Facilitator, and PAC Certified Trainer, Consultant, and Mentor

Click the following link for a Dementia Care Partner Talk Show Podcast episode where Teepa Snow and Greg Phelps, discuss how you can improve your approach to have a better outcome. Then watch Teepa give an example of how to have a hard conversation in the video below.

Episode 84: How to Approach Difficult Conversations

Click for tips on how to approach difficult conversations and to read Kathleen's entire article

Organization Care

Creating a culture that cares is easy. Creating a culture that is positive and skilled in person-centered care with dementia is much trickier. Organization Care will explore ways to positively impact your organization.

How Resilient is Your Organization?

by Debi Tyler-Newsom, OTR/L,  
PAC Client Relations Director

Resilience is the capacity to recover from difficulties, toughness, or the ability of a substance/object (or person?) to stretch/spring back into shape. Is your organization bouncing back?

Continue reading for 3 factors to build resilience

Next offering May 24, 2021 – 3:00 pm ET

Free session open to anyone. Held every other Monday from 3:00-4:00 pm ET. If you have questions, please contact us.

Professional Connections

Professional Connections will focus on providing information, resources, and products for dementia care professionals. We hope to provide valuable information while building a network of dementia care professionals who share our mission, core values, and passion.

Reasonable and Logical

by Stephanie "Teffie" Landmann, COTA/L,  
PAC Support Mentor, Coach, and Trainer

If I decided to have a second or third cup of coffee this morning, what would you think about my judgment? Let’s say the third cup of coffee got cold and needed to be heated up, so I put it in the microwave. What would you think of my judgment? What if I got cold so I put my pajamas in the microwave? Now, what are you thinking about my judgment?

Continue reading to learn how to assist with judgment without lowering dignity

All GEMS Can Shine - PAC 2021 Virtual Conference!
Join us in November for our conference about brain change and different states of dementia. All PAC Team Speakers will partner with advocates living with dementia for the sessions, providing a well-rounded, unique perspective on life with dementia.

Resource Connection

Stay connected with PAC, you will find PAC products, services, events, relationship opportunities, and FREE resources every month. Stay up to date with PAC Certification options, especially our newly expanded PAC Champion offerings, the PAC Annual Conference, and Teepa's Master Courses. If you don’t see what you are looking for, let us know here.

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PAC Partners and Sponsors

The VerifyCare app is an organizational support app for any kind of caregiver. Manage medications for your loved one with dementia, as well as create custom tasks, coordinate schedules and appointments, graph and analyze entries, document noteworthy information, and much more!

With VerifyCare, you can track all of your loved one’s care needs conveniently in one app. Reminders for items due ensure important medications, tasks, and appointments are never missed. Invite others to be a part of your Care Team easily under one plan, keeping everyone aware and involved. VerifyCare gives you peace of mind knowing friends and family are informed and able to verify your loved one with dementia receives proper care from all of those involved.

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Summit: A Guide from Pain to Peace by Cindy Paige

Are you stuck in the aftermath of life's storm? This book is a collection of practical strategies artfully woven together with storytelling of the pain of the journey and the humor of life. Told as a metaphor to climbing Mt. Everest, Summit will meet you in your current situation and set you up to reach your personal destination of peace and happiness. You will be guided to:

  • Prepare. From where you are to where you want to be--you will map your destination and gather what you need.
  • Climb. Learn practical tips and strategies to tackle your mountain and hear from others on their trek. You are not alone.
  • Summit. The journey is hard, but not impossible.

If you are someone who has experienced a loss and would like to move forward in your recovery, this book is for you. You can reach your Summit. Begin the journey today. For more tips, and thoughts on reaching your summit out of pain, visit my website.

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Caregivers’ Comfort, an inspirational 366-day journal and record book to receive daily uplifting inspiration.

Caregivers and Veterans' Caregivers Calendars provide daily reminders and inspiration to Caregivers. Features and Benefits of the 2021 Digital, Printable, and Printed Calendars:

  • Record daily activities in large boxes and use Notes space
  • Extra monthly calendar for patient appointments and medications
  • Filled with inspirational messages written for Caregivers
  • Discover nationally designated health focuses for each month
  • Record Caregiver resources for your important numbers
  • Record patient notes and observations
  • Personally relate to Caregivers’ job description and responsibilities
  • Record kindnesses/gifts received from friends and relatives
  • Make yourself the priority with monthly to dos for Caregivers

Bonus Inserts: Caregivers’ Comfort® Creed and Certificate of Appreciation

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The Picture This app gives the classic, card-matching memory game a modern twist. Use your own pictures as the images to match!

When a loved one’s memory declines, the ability to recall names and faces can become a struggle. Picture This goes beyond the simple memory exercising game with the ability to use your own pictures for an interactive experience, which will help connect past memories to present realities. Picture This engages the long-term and short-term memory with the act of finding two matching cards. Identifying the friend or family member in the photo by guessing the correct caption will then trigger recall memory skills. Help facilitate communication with Picture This.

For more information on Picture This, seniors, and memory care, visit our Website and check out our Facebook page. Download Picture This for FREE!

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Word Walls

Care partners knew my mother as they saw her, but we wanted them to know more, to get a glimpse into her beautiful life story and how much she was loved. The Word Walls brought communication to her in a new way. It became her voice, a conversation starter for care partners to engage with her in a more meaningful way. We had pictures and personal belongings throughout her room but seeing her story was powerful and could not be ignored. That was my goal. I wanted everyone that engaged with my mom to know the wonderful woman she was and would forever be.

Visit our Word Wall Builder found on the create page of our website to customize your own wall. Please visit our website,  Facebook, or Linkedin for more examples and information.

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Meal Lifter eating aid, specifically created for senior living communities, nursing homes, and home healthcare providers.

Originally created to assist individuals suffering from Parkinsons disease, it has also proven beneficial to Alzheimers and memory care patients, and individuals who no longer have the physical ability or coordination necessary to comfortably feed themselves. The device increases visibility of the dinner plate making eating more enjoyable, while providing greater ease and dignity.

The Meal Lifter is available through Direct Supply and can also be viewed on our website, Instagram, and Facebook.

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