When do I contact Licensing?

When you want to use anything owned by PAC. This includes the logo, any promotional materials, Teepa's image, DVDs, posters, manuals, other products, the PAC name, or certification emblems.

Please note that even if you are working toward or have completed a certification; there still may be licensing  or licensing fees for content not included in your certification.

Please be aware that there are some long-standing relationships where Teepa has allowed the use of her materials with attribution. These are primarily faith-based or non-profit organizations. If you are a member of one of these groups, please contact the PAC licensing team to receive a formal permission to use statement.

Important to Know

When you purchase something from PAC:

  • It is for personal use, unless otherwise indicated or designated.
  • A license is required to use the product in a group setting or public forum.
  • You can check our Relationships Page for language and logos that you can use.
  • We now offer a simple $10 per year, per content license to share PAC content!

PAC Licensing Resources:

Please direct all licensing inquiries to We endeavor to answer all inquiries within 48 hours.

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