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What is Positive Approach to Care?

Positive Approach to Care (also known as PAC) is a dementia care education company that was founded by world-renowned dementia care educator Teepa Snow.

PAC's goal is to help professionals, families, and individual care partners develop the awareness, knowledge, and skills needed to better support and care for someone living with dementia.

Content for Family Caregivers and Friends

FREE: Monthly LIVE Sessions with Teepa Snow and the PAC Team on YouTube or Facebook!

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$50 USD: Are you caring for a loved one living with dementia? Get the support you need with the Care Partner Support Series.

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Starting at $2.99 USD/month: Get practical dementia care insights in smaller, easier to digest portions with Teepa's Clips.

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Content for Professionals and/or Organizations

$49 USD: Would you love to have Teepa Snow's practical hands-on care skills?

Take a 2-Hour LIVE virtual Champion Course and start honing your dementia care know-how!
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Starting at $5.50 USD per learner annually: Give your team individual 24/7 access to Teepa Snow videos, track each person's progress, and save time with automated certificates!

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Starting at $5 USD per learner annually: Does your organization have its own Learning Management System (LMS)? Would you love to feature Teepa Snow videos on it? That is now possible!

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Content for People Living with Dementia

FREE: Teepa hosts free, fun, live sessions for you to connect with others and exercise your brain.

Use your existing skills and try out something new, too. The Brain Connection Café is open to anyone, including those living with dementia.

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FREE: These sessions are designed to provide a safe place where anyone living with dementia can come and share time with Teepa. Join the open forum for sharing successes, celebrations, frustrations, challenges, and problem-solving with one another.

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FREE for People Living with Dementia: Join us for this year’s LIVE virtual PAC Conference, All GEMS Can Shine, where we will take a deeper look at the brain, the changes associated with dementia, and what each person can do to enhance quality of life once dementia is in the picture.

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