Convenient and Affordable
Dementia Care Education Options for Professionals

Because Practical Care Skills Improve Life for Everyone

Are you wanting your team to improve their dementia care skills?

Improving the skills of a group can be tough, and so time-consuming!

We can help! Teepa Snow and Positive Approach to Care now offer two affordable, ready-made solutions!

Scroll down now to see which one will help you make staff education easier and more efficient!

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How Your Organization Benefits from either PAC Dementia Care Education Option:
  • Increase retention rates for your existing residents with better care
  • Bring in new residents as your improved quality of care is shared in your community by visitors that notice your team’s new positive approach
  • Save money with reduced staff turnover as your team members will feel more qualified and appreciated
  • Save valuable time and money by not needing to come up with your own curriculum; use that time to complete your other tasks instead
  • Impress team members and surveyors with your staff’s new level of care skills

Choose Your Preferred Staff Education Solution:

In-Service Learning Kits
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Prefer In-Person, In-Service style meetings?

The new In-Service Learning Kits provide you with everything you need to make your in-service meetings a success!

Each In-Service Learning Kit includes:
  • A DVD and Online Video of a Teepa Snow program of your choice
  • Downloadable Learning Materials
    • Quiz for Pre and Post Assessments (pdf)
    • Answer key (pdf)
    • A certificate template tailored to your video
  • A Usage License (renewing annually) to use the included video and materials for in-person, classroom-type learning sessions
How You Benefit:
  • Save time while maximizing your in-service session's effectiveness with the provided Learning Kit materials
  • Have your team learn from America’s leading dementia care educator Teepa Snow in a classroom setting, playing the program from your included DVD or Online Video
  • Practice newly learned PAC care skills in your in-service classes
  • Get peace of mind with your annually-renewing Learning Kit license, which legally permits you to show PAC programs in an in-service setting
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Online Group Learning
Browse Online Group Learning
Prefer for each of your team members to get their own 24/7 online access to Teepa’s videos?

The new Online Group Learning options do just that!

Select a program of your choice, and grant access to each of your team members.

Assign one or more Group Leader(s), and easily monitor progress and quiz results of your staff members.

Each Online Group Learning Module includes:
  • Individual, 24/7 access to a Teepa Snow Online Video for each of your team members (*requires an active internet connection)
  • Quizzes that are graded automatically
  • Course Certificates that are automatically generated and downloadable for each Learner (80% passing grade required)

As a Group Leader(s), you will be able to:

  • Track your staff members course progress
  • Download their course progress data
  • Download a report of their quiz results
  • Easily Add or Remove learners from your group
How You Benefit:
  • Save time and money by not having to pull a group of your staff off of the floor at once, eliminating the need to hire costly agencies to replace them during classes
  • Save days you’d be spending to set up your in-person education session, which you can now use to complete your other tasks and responsibilities
  • No longer worry about having to spend countless hours grading quizzes and creating certificates – the Online Group Learning system does that for you!
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Curious how Online Group Learning works?

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Compare Both Options Side by Side:

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