Dementia Education for Organizations and Groups

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Whether you're looking to meet your state requirements or to sharpen your team's care skills,
we have a tool for you.
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Self-Managed Video Programs

DVD + PAC One Year Video License
In-Service Learning Kits
Online Group Learning
Learning Management System
  • Cost $45 per DVD + $10/year for each license
  • Does not include quizzes or certificate templates (please see other options if important)
  • 33 programs to choose from
  • Cost $95 plus $10 per year license
  • Includes quizzes and certificate templates
  • Intended for a small classroom setting
  • 19 programs to choose from
  • Cost: $1-$20 per learner per year
  • Fully online course with individual 24/7 access for staff members
  • Includes automated progress tracking, grading, and certificate creation (allowing you to focus on your other tasks)
  • Cost: $1-$15 per learner per year
  • Embed Teepa Snow videos into your own, secured Learning Management System (LMS) for easy access by your team
Bring in Support (with a Real Person, Virtually)

Connect With A PAC Mentor
Diane Slovin, PAC Mentor

Watching videos is a great start, but all theory needs to be practiced to turn into genuine skill. Pair your team with a PAC Mentor for LIVE, virtual training via Zoom to help make the vision of quality care a reality.

  • Cost: $750 USD for five sessions at 1.5 hours each
  • Choose between one of two available options
    1. Skill Building Sessions for Staff:

      Once you have built some awareness in your team, bring in a PAC Mentor to help problem solve and build skills with your staff around some of your challenging situations.

    2. A Care Partner Support Series to support your residents' families:

      Open the door to communication with your families. Support them with the knowledge of what to expect along the journey of dementia with a PAC Team Mentor leading them through this issue virtually.

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Connect With The PAC Master
Diane Slovin, PAC Mentor

Do you want to learn and/or get support from one of the world's leading educators in dementia care? Schedule a 1-hour virtual consultation with Teepa Snow herself.

  • Cost: $300 USD/hr
  • Choose between one-on-one or small group
  • Get support for your most challenging situations

Want to save a bit, but still get GREAT support?

  • PAC Mentor consultations for $150 USD/hr
  • Similar support at half the cost
  • Mentors are trained 1:1 by Teepa for years
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Live Virtual and Live In-Person Trainings

Private Champion Courses
Teepa as Champion 1

Up to 8 Hours of Live PAC Training for less than $200 per person!
(PAC offers four two-hour sessions)

Book Your Private Champion:

  • Book 1 session for $900 USD
  • Book 4 sessions for $3,400 USD
  • Book 8 sessions for $6,600 USD
  • Save $100 USD if you have a PAC Certified Professional on staff
    • Included:
      • Up to 4 two-hour courses
      • 20 people per course
      • Online videos + quizzes
      • Certificates
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Private Certifications

Group Certifications for 9 or more:

  • Cost: $21,000 USD (Saves over $5,000 USD)
  • Start culture change from within and build sustainability!
  • No travel needed as Private Certifications are held at your facility or virtually through the pandemic
  • Skills are practiced within the facility right away
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PAC Certified Organizations
Organization Designation logo and link

Start Your Culture Change Now:

  •  Market your organization as connected with PAC
  • Tap into Teepa's millions of followers
  • Show your dedication to changing the culture of dementia care for the positive
  •  Cost:
    • $250 to get started
    • + Annual visit fees
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Product Bundles for the Whole Team
PPA Practice Bundle for Groups of 25
Buy the PPA Bundle >>$89.50 USD for 25 pack
Premium Bundle for Professionals
PAC Professional Bundle >>$365.95 USD per kit
Training Tools Bundle for Organizations
PAC Organization Bundle >>$529 USD per kit

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