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In-Service Learning Kits

Online Group Learning

Use Your Own Learning Management System (LMS)

Prefer In-Person, In-Service style meetings?

The new In-Service Learning Kits provide you with everything you need to make your in-service meetings a success!

Each In-Service Learning Kit includes:

  • A DVD and Online Video of a Teepa Snow program of your choice
  • Downloadable Learning Materials
    • Quiz for Pre and Post Assessments (pdf)
    • Answer key (pdf)
    • A certificate template tailored to your video
  • A Usage License (renewing annually) to use the included video and materials for in-person, classroom-type learning sessions
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    Prefer for each of your team members to get their own 24/7 online access to Teepa’s videos?

    The new Online Group Learning options do just that!

    Select a program of your choice, and grant access to each of your team members.

    Assign one or more Group Leader(s), and easily monitor progress and quiz results of your staff members.

    Each Online Group Learning Module includes:

    • Individual, 24/7 access to a Teepa Snow Online Video for each of your team members (*requires an active internet connection)
    • Quizzes that are graded automatically
    • Course Certificates that are automatically generated and downloadable for each Learner (80% passing grade required)

    As a Group Leader(s), you will be able to:

    • Track your staff members course progress
    • Download their course progress data
    • Download a report of their quiz results
    • Easily Add or Remove learners from your group
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      Curious how Online Group Learning works?

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      You have your own LMS and would love to use it to share Teepa Snow videos with your team? That is now possible!

      How does it work?

      Once you decided on the program you would like to add to your LMS for easy access for your team, we will provide you with the video embed codes. Your team will then be able to easily add the videos to your system for your entire team to view and benefit from.

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      How Your Team's New Skills will Benefit Your Organization:
      • Increase retention rates for your existing residents with better care
      • Bring in new residents as your improved quality of care is shared in your community by visitors that notice your team’s new positive approach
      • Save money with reduced staff turnover as your team members will feel more qualified and appreciated
      • Save valuable time and money by not needing to come up with your own curriculum; use that time to complete your other tasks instead
      • Impress team members and surveyors with your staff’s new level of care skills
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