Virtual Champion 1 – Pre-Course Work

Valerie Feurich

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Thank you for enrolling in an Online Group Learning Course with Positive Approach to Care.  We welcome you to our online community and are happy you have chosen to access our educational materials on the topic of dementia.

To successfully complete this online course, please do these two things:

  • Click the Materials Tab–  There you can review or print out the learning materials which may include a Course Outline, Course Objectives and other resources.
  • Watch the video below- This explains how to navigate through the course, which includes how to complete each lesson and advance to the quiz.  You can pause the video below at any time to take notes if you would like.

And note these two things:

  • Quiz– The quiz at the end of the course requires a score of at least 80%  to pass. If needed, you may repeat the quiz until you reach the required score.
  • Certificate– Obtaining your personalized Certificate of Completion requires all lessons to be marked complete (including the Welcome section) and passing the quiz.

For more how-to details and video tutorials click here.  

If you have any issues with the Course please contact the Group Leader for your organization.