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If you know Teepa Snow, you know she is all about feedback and sharing with one another to create supportive dementia related community. Please share with us your personal and professional feedback, experiences, information, stories, topics or requests for trainings you would like to see scheduled in your area. 

Positive Approach¬ģ would also like you to know, while we want¬†to hear from everyone who has a training¬†request or¬†something to share, the reality is that¬†Teepa and her team receive a large influx of email and correspondence, therefore we ask for your¬†patience with response time.¬†Depending on your request, please understand¬†it may take anywhere from¬†1 to 3 weeks for someone to get back to you, but we assure you, someone will!¬†If your need is urgent or¬†specifically addressed to Teepa,¬†please¬†state that¬†in the subject line. It can also be helpful to use the email subject links below or leave a telephone message to help expedite your response time.

Thank you for visiting, connecting, and reaching out so we can be of service! 


For general interest or to book Teepa for a speaking engagement, educational presentation, interview, or public relations event, please be advised that Teepa's travel schedule is typically booked 12-18 months out. She does hold days, however, for PR related opportunities and has a waiting list for groups interested in case of an event cancellation.


To inquire about PAC training events, community or oganizational culture change, certifications or consultations


For questions or concerns about event registration or payments


For STORE related questions or concerns about products, orders, payments, or shipments


To request dementia related personal guidance or support


To inquire about interest in licensing Teepa's educational content for company elearning or community education systems

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P.O. Box 430 Efland, NC 27243

(877) 877-1671

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