PAC Certification Courses are Going VIRTUAL!

For Right NOW...

PAC Certifications and Champions

are going completely VIRTUAL!!

Embrace the space... of your own home.
In response to COVID-19, we are now offering our Certifications virtually for select certifications! (Affected courses to the right)
We know, nothing is like being in person, but we are trying to remain sapphire and flexible, adapting in times of mandated closures. Luckily, we have been a virtual company for 5 years, so we are ready.
We will have a live instructor (Teepa Snow herself!) with PAC Mentors in the room and present virtually to run breakout room discussions and practices. All currently registered attendees will be added to the virtual list AND granted free transfer to a later course, if needed.
All virtual attendees will:
  1. Need at least 1 partner in their physical space to practice with throughout the 2-3 days (**We recommend you have 2 people for Coach courses)
  2. Need wifi and video accessibility through Zoom on the full 8:30am-5pm for the 2-3 days (Atlanta is ET, Evansville is CT, and Toronto is ET)
  3. Get access to the manual digitally before the course
  4. Get access to most of the cheat-sheets before the course
  5. Get all hard-copy products sent to your chosen address upon registration
  6. Receive 1:1 attention on your PAC Skills AND your PAC Trainer or Coach Skills
  7. Work with a mentor 1:1 or in small group for the 6-8 weeks following the course
  8. Access to all materials on our website for Trainers
  9. Certification with the work following the course
  10. Free transfer to a later certification in-person
  11. Likely be eligible for 14 hours of CEs (Nursing, Social Workers, and Nursing Home Administrators - we are waiting )


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