Private Certifications

Private Certifications give your organization an opportunity to build teams of PAC Trainers and Coaches who then create awareness, knowledge, and skill among your staff. Trainers offer workshops and education to groups of staff and Coaches help staff convert that knowledge into new habits by practice and repetition, focusing on one area at a time. Private Certifications are held at your facility with your staff and can address the unique aspects of your organization. Skills are practiced within the facility on familiar residents, enriching the experience and helping learners gain confidence as they apply their new skills.

Your Private Certification package comes with all of the necessary components to take these steps:
  1. Awareness of Teepa Snow and the Positive Approach to Care Methods
  2. Knowledge of dementia and the changes that you will see along the journey
  3. Skills to turn challenging behaviors and failed tasks into successful relationships and opportunities to learn
  4. Competence in growing a more inclusive, flexible, and caring community for everyone who is living with dementia

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