Government (State) Led Certifications

In 2019, PAC is continuing extensive work with Alaska, Indiana, and a few more states to improve care and implement PAC Skills and methods across the region through Certification Courses and research.

Alzheimer’s Resource of Alaska and the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services are working to expand the number of PAC Certified Independent Trainers spreading awareness and knowledge, with additional work with individual Pioneer Homes and the PAC Engagement Certification.

In Indiana, in partnership with the University of Southern Indiana and the Indiana State Department of Health, we are exploring dynamic ways of disseminating knowledge and building skill through PAC Certified Independent Trainer and Coach teams in Skilled Nursing Homes, and the nurse aide training program training program.

These states and others have chosen to focus the use of their Civil Money Penalty (CMP) funding to support quality improvement. If you or your state is considering a grant or the use of CMP funds to support skill building, please contact Beth Nolan.  For your grants, we would be happy to share our program descriptions, data collection tools, and implementation plans for grant applications. We look forward to hearing the exciting work you are doing, partnerships you have cultivated to improve the lives of those living with dementia!

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