Additional Certifications

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Private Certifications

PAC's Private Certification Courses offer a chance for your organization to grow your own PAC Certified Community as a team of learners. Trainers and Coaches come together for two days of intensive work within your community. There is an optional third day for expansion of the awareness and knowledge throughout the rest of your organization using the new skills of your certified individuals. Read More Here or Contact Debi Tyler

Government (State) Led Certifications

Are you part of a larger movement to improve dementia care across your region? PAC is now working with Indiana, Alaska, and a few more states to improve care and implement PAC Skills and methods across the region through Certification Courses. Read More Here or Contact Beth Nolan

Acute Care Preceptor Certifications

With close to 50 participants, PAC piloted this course type in two events over the past two years. Results were great as learners mixed Trainer and Coach skills within settings that don't allow for a long-term relationship with those who may be living with brain changes associated with dementia. While extremely valuable, we want to review and revise these courses to better meet the needs of hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, and possibly organizations who currently utilize our Private Certifications. Please stay tuned for more information on this innovative and exciting course.

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