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Build a PAC Culture

ELEVATE your team's competence in dementia care


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Build your team,

one PAC Champion at a time...

The Positive Approach to Care Team walks with you through the journey towards culture change. This trek may include public or private sessions, education, trainings, a private certification, or something else... Learn More

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Group discounts are available for all of our public courses for individuals! Please contact us for more information.

Take it one step at a time!

  • Build a culture where People Living with Dementia truly come first
  • Turn daily tasks into relationships with positive outcomes... or learning opportunities
  • See less turnover as you empower your team
  • Education and skills practice are the top requests from staff
  • Increase family engagement and satisfaction
  • Grow your positive social media stats
  • Teach your team to work smarter, not harder...
      • There is no way to make more time in the day... Let's use time differently

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