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By Online Dementia JournalJanuary 15th, 2018

You Too Can Take the Lead!


by Mary Sue Wilkinson,

Founder – Singing Heart to Heart

I love to sing. As you may know, I lead sing-alongs in person using my guitar and my voice. But did you know I also use recorded music? I carry a wireless speaker and my phone with me everywhere I go. Don’t let the fact that you don’t play an instrument stop you from leading music sessions. Here are six great reasons to let some basic technology help you lead music sessions. It’s really very simple, but if you need some help getting started just find a young person to walk you through it. I know you can do it. No more excuses. Bring on the music!

Six Reasons Why You Should Love YouTube, iTunes, and Wireless Speakers

  • You can lead a sing along even if you yourself are afraid to sing in front of others.
  • You can use recorded music to get people moving! For seniors who are chair bound, just add simple arm and leg movements to the beat of the music. For more mobile adults – add marching, skipping, and dancing. Add simple props like egg shakers or chiffon scarves to make it even more fun.
  • You can choose from thousands of songs. Enjoy favorites over and over, honor requests, and personalize your selections. Easily choose music based on the mood you want to create. Try YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, and other music resources. I use YouTube a lot because it’s free!
  • You can have music sessions even when you don’t have a budget for a professional musician or a music therapist.
  • It’s cheap! Wireless speakers start at about $30 and go up from there. Downloading songs through iTunes is inexpensive. Spotify and YouTube are free!
  • Wireless speakers are small and portable. You can use them anywhere, and anytime. You don’t even need a power outlet.

Ready to lead your own music session using recorded music?

  • Visit the Resource Library on my website for lists of popular songs and activity guides.
  • Click here if you would like to purchase the book and the CD or click here to preview and purchase just the CD Songs You Know by Heart, 18 favorites that are easy to sing along with, all for only $10!

Follow this link to my YouTube Channel where you’ll find lots more quick tips for leading music sessions.

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