Why is Hand-under-Hand effective and powerful?

Why is Hand-under-Hand effective and powerful? post page

By Teepa SnowMarch 22nd, 2019

Why is Hand-under-Hand effective and powerful?

Thanks to a learner in Cincinnati, I found an amazing TEDxCharlotteville Talk, by Dr James Coan that supports our work. Take a look and find out more about the value of hand holding to reduce distress. How would this information relate to our Hand-under-Hand use in PAC?

For me, this adds more to why??? Here is another reason for using Hand-under-Hand to support, guide, and assist when someone is living with dementia.  Forming a neural partnership does matter. It changes scary to just uncomfortable!

Holding hands with a friend or partner actually builds neural pathways of connection. It actually extends one system into another, so that, the two begin to function more in unison. If hand holding is good, then Hand-under-Hand could be the cherry on top.

Is Hand-under-Hand a key to helping us become a care partner, not a caregiver?

The gift of Hand-under-Hand may be more powerful than simply hand holding when a brain is changing. The added information of using your hand within the other person’s hand may trigger  motor memories that unlocks hidden, sustained abilities. According to this study, what one perceives, is transferred to the emotional management system of the other through simple hand holding. With Hand-under-Hand assistance we are actually communicating even more. How exciting!!!

It is important to know that what we do in PAC is supported by the clinical research of other people, in related fields of study. This is a super connection to have located! Thanks to Karen for the find and share!

To spread the use of our skills outward, we will need to seek inward then look outward thru our friend and fellowship networks to make the connections that can change the culture of care!

It is all about Making Offers and Getting Permission! Wiring our brains together for our common well-being!




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