What’s Happening at PAC this Week: May 13 – 18

What’s Happening at PAC this Week: May 13 – 18 post page

Corrie Phillips

By Corrie PhillipsMay 13th, 2019

What’s Happening at PAC this Week: May 13 – 18


PAC Happenings for May 13-May 18 and more…

What is Teepa Up to Now?

Teepa is speaking at the Michigan Assisted Living Association Conference on May 13th in Lansing, Michigan. Click here for more information on this Pre-Conference full day training.

On Tuesday, she is in Hutchinson, MN for a program sponsored by the Senior Providers of McLeod County. This is another full day designed to build awareness, knowledge and introduce new skills. To see more about the day click here.

For the next three days, Teepa will be in Winnipeg, Alberta. The first day is with HQS Professional Development. The next day will be with a community in the area, and then Friday is for another private group.

Two upcoming Public Events are open for registration:

  • Teepa will be speaking for UMRC in Howell, Michigan on May 24th. This event is open to the general public and professionals in the region! The topic is Transitions in Care: Managing Expectations for Family and Staff Care Partners. Contact Katie Garvey at UMRC for details kgarvey@umrc.com
  • Teepa will be working with PESI in Sacramento, California on May 30th. The topic is: Dementia: Individualized Care Techniques to Support Nourishment and Hydration. You can attend in real time or participate by telecast, if that works for you. If you are interested in this CE event, please check here, or register at this site.

Then Teepa is off to Buffalo, New York then to Westmont, Illinois and on to Stratham, New Hampshire in the first week of June. For more on future Teepa Talks, check our calendar for details.


PAC On-Line – Webinars and More!

  • Love to see video clips of Teepa? We’ll be uploading more video clips over the next weeks! Get automatically notified when new videos are live by clicking here and subscribing to our YouTube channel!
  • At the end of May, Teepa and her team will kick off a second offering of our Engagement Leader Webinar Series. If you missed this series, but want to join us next time, you can RSVP on our Engagement Webinar Page. We will begin a new series in June. Click here to go to the page.
  • We have several other webinars that are happening at the end of May. This is a great week to sign up for whatever you are interested in!
  • On Tuesday afternoon, the 28th we have the Individual Partner Series webinar on using music, even though you are not a music therapist.
  • On Wednesday morning, the 29th we have our 5th Engagement Webinar.
  • We also have our May session of Let’s Talk a session for people living with dementia to join Teepa in conversation
  • Later on May 20th, Teepa will lead the Team Webinar on addressing mobility challenges when people do not follow guidelines or rules.
  • Then later in the day we are conducting the third session of the Presenter Series. Participants are both enjoying and learning a lot according to the feedback being provided.
  • Finally, as the day winds down, we will be offering our monthly Ask Teepa Anything – please join us, no cost, simply sign up!


Are you a family care provider who is just starting out or feeling out of your comfort zone?

Consider joining our growing virtual village. You can sign up for another run of a five-part Care Partner Support Series starting in May 16th. Learn to get the help you need to do more than simply try to survive this condition. Click here to learn more.

  • Another option as a hands-on care partner seeking support is our monthly Support Network Gathering. Our next session is on May 20th at 5-6:30 pm ET. We will kick off the session with the topic of “This Just Isn’t Working Anymore!” Click here for more info.
  • If you missed our previous free live stream of Ask Teepa Anything, mark your calendar for next month May 29th 7-8:30 ET and sign-up to be part of the conversation


PAC Certifications

This week is a good week to register for one of the Certification Courses that are coming up in May, June or July.

If you are responsible for helping others learn about dementia and how to provide person-focused care, you might want to consider one of our Trainer Certifications in Seattle, WA, Halifax, NS, or even London, England! Click here to learn more about Trainer Certifications.

If Trainer is not your gig, consider the possibility of Coach, Consultant, or Engagement Leader.

Wanting to get new habits of care in place, consider Coaching.

Trying to address challenges in care and help teams work together for success, find out about Consultant.

Or perhaps the greatest support position of all, an Engagement Leader is what is needed to change the flow of the day, the mundane into the meaningful, the way people spend time. If so, check out our Engagement Leader Certification.


PAC Services

At PAC, we have a variety of client services, when it comes to training and skill building.

We have accomplished PAC speakers to provide top notch conference or workshop sessions and programs.

  • On Tuesday, May 14th, Charleen Phelps, one of our Canadian Speakers will present to the Long Term Care Association of Manitoba.
  • On Thursday, May 16th, Amanda Bulgarelli, another of our PAC Speakers, will present to the Daybreak Day Service Program in Adrian, MI.
  • If you are responsible for booking a presenter who can hold the attention of a large audience or you need someone to keep a diverse group of group members engaged, consider an accomplished PAC Speaker. Click here to find out more, email us at Speaker@teepasnow.com or call 877-877-1671 x5 and talk with Tracy.

If you run a residential program or offer dementia care services, and want your staff members to better understand those they serve while they provide better support, we offer Skills Days. For a full day, accomplished PAC Mentors , prepared to both train and coach, work with employees to foster skill development.

  • On Thursday and Friday, May 16-17, Charleen and Greg Phelps will team up to provide two Skills Days with Daughters on Call in Brandon, Manitoba.
  • Click here to check out our On-Site Skills Day offerings, email us at Training@teepasnow.com, or call 877-877-1671 x5 and talk with Tracy.

Not interested in an in-person event, but still looking for high quality offerings? How about a live webinar session with Teepa or another member of our PAC accomplished team! Click here and let us know you are interested.


PAC Products of Note

Is mouth care a concern?

We have many resources that might be helpful to you!

  • A free clip done by Teepa on Accepting the Challenge: Providing the Best Care. Watch here.
  • A recorded webinar with multiple role plays and video footage involving a woman with limited language and abilities. Click Here
  • A segment of the PAC Skills Make the Difference DVD addresses mouth care issues. Click Here for the DVD or Click Here for an On-Line Version. If you want to conduct an in-service on this topic, there is a script for that segment at part of our Education Kit for PAC Skills Make the Difference. Click Here for more info on that possibility.
  • We have a DVD on Dental Care for People with Dementia. It can be streamed Click here or purchased as a DVD Click here.

We have some great Learning Kits to help you help your staff become more aware and gain some knowledge of practical interaction skills and hands-on care support techniques. Take a look and see if one or more of these resources could help you! We are also going to be offering an online system that will allow you to monitor each person’s use and progress, thru Learn-Dash. Click here for more info.

PAC’s April On-Line Dementia Journal came out recently… Did you see it? Click Here if you missed it.


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