What’s Happening at PAC this Week: June 10 – 17

What’s Happening at PAC this Week: June 10 – 17 post page

Erin Rouis

By Erin RouisJune 10th, 2019

What’s Happening at PAC this Week: June 10 – 17

Get your staff or volunteers tuned in and more active in care and interactions that work!

  • PAC Skills Make the Difference Learning Kit – stream content online, use short, scripted Inservice Sessions offer certificates when each person finishes.
  • 3 Skill Cards Sets
  • 25 GEMS State Resource Cards

Its only around for a very short time. Click here to purchase today!



What is Teepa Up to Now?

Teepa kicks off the week a number of webinars on Monday, June 10th.

On Tuesday, June 11th, Teepa will be offering events through the sponsorship of First Health of Moors Regional Hospital in Pinehurst, NC. This organization is providing sessions for families, support groups, professionals and care providers in the area.

Following the program, Teepa will make her way up to the RDU airport and work with Alejandro and Manda to provide a Mentor Training Webinar regarding use of the Score Card when Coaching someone thru skills demonstration.

Then it is off to St. Petersburg, Florida, where on Wednesday, Teepa will offer two identical sessions for the community and family caregivers and for employees of Touching Hearts at Home at St Anthony’s Hospital. For more information, please email cmiller@touchinghearts.com

Wednesday evening, the 12th, be sure to join Teepa and PAC Team for a Live on YouTube, or you can join us in the Zoom room by registering here.

On Thursday and Friday, Teepa and the Community Designation Team will gather in Michigan to begin preliminary work on processing early Designation explorers.

Come Saturday evening, however, Teepa is off to Hawaii for two different events.

The first event is sponsored by the Healthcare Association of Hawaii on Monday, June 17th. Take a look here for more details.

Tuesday, June 18th finds Teepa working with Dorothy Colby, from Hale Ku’ike, to Build Skills for Engagement in Honolulu. Many thanks to Craigside and Dorothy for all their hospitality and generosity! If you are on the Islands, please consider joining us.

Maybe a Webinar!

Want to have Teepa on site, but it is not possible… Consider a Community or Group Live Webinar! Several groups have already found interactive webinars to be a terrific way to connect and learn together! Contact Polly at ScheduleTeepa@TeepaSnow.com if you are interested in something for your group!

PAC On-Line – Webinars and More


Monday, June 10th 4-5:30 ET – How to Provide Support When Someone is Feeling trapped or Imprisoned – $20 Click here for more info or to sign up




Monday, June 10th 2-3:30 ET –Help Beyond Headphones: Using Music and Rhythm to Promote Purpose – $20 Click here for more info or to sign up





Wednesday, June 12th 7-8:30 pm ET – Ask Teepa Anything – Live on YouTube – Free – Click here for more info or to sign up to be in the Zoom Room


Love to see video clips of Teepa. We’ll be uploading more video clips over the next weeks! Get automatically notified when new videos are live by clicking here and subscribing to our YouTube channel!



Early in July, Teepa and her team start a new set of Engagement Webinars. Our Engagement Leader Webinar Series has been well received by those who attend. If you missed this series, but want to join us next time, you can RSVP on our Engagement Webinar Page. We will begin a new series on July 9th. Click here to go to the page.


PAC Certifications

This week is a good week to register for one of the Certification Courses that are coming up later in June, July, or August.

If you are responsible for helping others learn about dementia and how to provide person-focused care, you might want to consider one of our Trainer Certifications in Halifax, NS (June 17-18), London, UK(July 1-2), or Washington, DC (July 22-23)! Click here to learn more about Trainer Certifications.

If Trainer is not your gig, consider the possibility of Coach, Consultant, or Engagement Leader.

Wanting to get new habits of care in place, consider Coaching. Join us in London, UK (July 4-5), or in Detroit (August 1-2).

Trying to address challenges in care and help teams work together for success, find out about Consultant. We have two courses coming up soon. One in Naples, FL (July 18-19) and another one in Ottawa, ON (July 25-26).

Or perhaps the greatest support position of all, an Engagement Leader is what is needed to change the flow of the day, the mundane into the meaningful, the way people spend time. If so, check out our Engagement Leader Certification. One of our two courses this year will be in Boston, MA on June 27-28 – Register now. Big Discount for those signing up within the next two weeks!

PAC Services

At PAC, we have a variety of client services, when it comes to training and skill building.

We have accomplished PAC speakers to provide top notch conference or workshop sessions and programs.

  • If you are responsible for booking a presenter who can hold the attention of a large audience or you need someone to keep a diverse group of group members engaged, consider an accomplished PAC Speaker. Click here to find out more, email us at Speaker@teepasnow.com or call 877-877-1671 x5 and talk with Tracy.

If you run a residential program or offer dementia care services, and want your staff members to better understand those they serve while they provide better support, we offer Skills Days. For a full day, accomplished PAC Mentors , prepared to both train and coach, work with employees to foster skill development.

Not interested in an in-person event, but still looking for high quality offerings? How about a live webinar session with Teepa or another member of our PAC accomplished team! Click here and let us know you are interested.

PAC Products of Note

We have some great Learning Kits to help you help your staff become more aware and gain some knowledge of practical interaction skills and hands-on care support techniques. Take a look and see if one or more of these resources could help you! We are also going to be offering an on-line system that will allow you to monitor each person’s use and progress, thru Learn-Dash. Click here for more info.

Free – PAC’s May On-Line Dementia Journal came out recently… Did you see it? Click Here if you missed it.

On-Line Support Series

We will be offering another On-Line Care Partner Support Series for family members and friends, starting July 8th and running to August 5th. This Journey is not a sprint, it is a marathon. Get the support you need to stay the distance and keep yourself well! More Here.

PAC’s First Conference

We have a Play on our Opening night! What are you up to on November 16th through the 18th? Consider time with us in North Carolina – Check out our November Conference! The base cost is only $250 for two days of programming and sessions.

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