What’s Happening at PAC this Week: April 29 – May 5

What’s Happening at PAC this Week: April 29 – May 5 post page

Erin Rouis

By Erin RouisApril 28th, 2019

What’s Happening at PAC this Week: April 29 – May 5


Top Priority – Figuring out what went wrong with our membership categories within the data management system and getting it straightened out! We are sorry for the challenges this unforeseen data glitch caused people and accounts within our Certified Community.

Where’s Teepa – In-Person and On-Line?

We now have 32 Free Podcasts available – listen as you go segments! We just posted a new interview with Tia Powell. The author of a new book entitled Dementia Reimagined. Check it out!

Teepa will be on the road again for most of the week

  • She will head out very early on Monday morning for Albany, so she will be available for many meetings and on-line events once she gets there.
  • On Tuesday, April 30th, Teepa will be presenting at ESAAL at their conference in, Saratoga Springs, NY. Hopefully we can connect if you are there!
  • After a cross NY drive, Wednesday, May 1st, Teepa will be providing a day-long program in London, Ontario sponsored by Parkwood Division of Geriatric Medicine. This is one of the Medical refresher Course offered by Parkwood. Click here to see more about this event.
  • Then it’s off to Bedford, New Hampshire on Thursday, May 2nd, where Benchmark Senior Living is sponsoring a community event. Click here to learn more. If you are interested in attending, email here.
  • If you can’t make the session in New Hampshire this time, Teepa will be back in the state in June with Senior Helpers on June 7th in Stratham, NH.
  • Friday sees Teepa in Scotia NY, speaking at an event sponsored by Baptist Health System in. Click here to find more details and register.


PAC On-Line – Webinars and More!

  • Monday afternoon 3-4:30 pm ET is our third of five Engagement Series Webinars, entitled: Keeping Brains Active Promoting What is Possible. If you missed this series, but want to join us next time, we will begin again in June. Contact to reserve a spot.
  • On Saturday afternoon, Teepa will be supported by Corrie, offering a private webinar to Fields Senior Living, their staff, families, and friends to Provide Better Care thru Better Communication When Dementia is Part of the Picture.
  • If you missed our Webinar on Monday regarding Sadness and Loss, as it is expressed and experienced by the person living with dementia, never fear! We will have a recorded version available next week!
  • The same is true for the Team Webinar we held on Wednesday April 24th on the topic of Helping Someone through Transitions, large and small, when dementia makes any change a challenge!
  • Finally, if you missed the Thursday afternoon free webinar event, sponsored by Senior Helpers, a recorded version will be out from that one as well. The topic for that session was Helping When Someone in the Family Doesn’t Think Help is Needed, but the Evidence Says it Is!
  • Although it is too late to join our current Care Partner Support Series, you can sign up for another run of a five-part Care Partner Support Series starting in May 16th. Learn to get the help you need to do more than simply try to survive this condition. Click here to learn more.
  • Another option as a hands-on care partner seeking support is our monthly Support Network Gathering. Our next session is on May 20th at 5-6:30 pm ET. We will kick off the session with the topic of This Just Isn’t Working Anymore! Click here for more info.
  • If you missed our last Wednesday evening free live stream of Ask Teepa Anything, mark your calendar for next month – May 29th 7-8:30 ET and sign-up to be part of the conversation


PAC Certifications

We are not conducting any Certification Courses this week.  We recently finished a Trainer Certification in Grand Rapids and a Consultant Cert in Nashville, TN . Here are a few comments from attendees:

“WOW! I can’t wait to get back and start using some of the new skills I learned”

“I feel like I have a whole new set of tools in my Consulting Toolbox! I loved it. It was very hard work. Well worth it!!!”

If you are responsible for helping others learn about dementia and how to provide person-focused care, you might want to consider one of our Trainer Certifications in Seattle, WA, Halifax, NS, or even London, England! Click here to learn more about Trainer Certifications.

If Trainer is not your gig, consider the possibility of Coach, Consultant, or Engagement Leader.

Wanting to get new habits of care in place, consider Coaching.

Trying to address challenges in care and help teams work together for success, find out about Consultant.

Or perhaps the greatest support position of all, an Engagement Leader is what is needed to change the flow of the day, the mundane into the meaningful, the way people spend time. If so, check out our Engagement Leader Certification.


PAC Services

At PAC, we have a variety of client services, when it comes to training and skill building.

We have accomplished PAC speakers to provide top notch conference or workshop sessions and programs.

  • This Thursday, May 2nd, Beth Nolan will speak for the Walk to Remember supporters in Roseau, MN
  • If you are responsible for booking a presenter who can hold the attention of a large audience or you need someone to keep a diverse group of group members engaged, consider an accomplished PAC Speaker. Click here to find out more, email us here or call 877-877-1671 x5 and talk with Tracy.

If you run a residential program or offer dementia care services, and want your staff members to better understand those they serve while they provide better support, we offer Skills Days. For a full day, accomplished PAC Mentors , prepared to both train and coach, work with employees to foster skill development.

  • On Tuesday, April 30th, Melanie Bunn and Kathryn Quinlan will be working with Murdoch Developmental Center in Butner, NC on a Skills Day.
  • Click here to check out our On-Site Skills Day offerings, email us at Training@teepasnow.com, or call 877-877-1671 x5 and talk with Tracy.

Not interested in an in-person event, but still looking for high quality offerings? How about a live webinar session with Teepa or another member of our PAC accomplished team! Click here and let us know you are interested.


PAC Products of Note

Are you trying to help people get clean?

Are you finding it challenging?

Check out one or more of our resources on this topic:

  • Free: Eleven Tips on Bathing or Showering from our Pines Blog
  • Free: A YouTube Clip on bathing and dressing in bed for people with later state dementia.
  • A recorded webinar that provides an overview of the issues surrounding helping someone get clean for professionals. Click Here
  • A separate recorded webinar that provides an overview and guide to helping for family and friends. Click Here
  • A recorded webinar with multiple role plays and video footage involving a male client with limited language and abilities. Click Here
  • A segment of the PAC Skills Make the Difference DVD addresses showering and bathing issues. Click Here for the DVD or Click Here for an On-Line Version. If you want to conduct an in-service on this topic, there is a script for that segment at part of our Education Kit for PAC Skills Make the Difference. Click Here for more info on that possibility.
  • This topic comes up multiple times and is addressed in several ways with our Mid-State Dementia Professional Care Partner Bundle. Click Here to learn more.


PAC’s April On-Line Dementia Journal came out recently… Did you see it? Click Here if you missed it

Check out Lauren’s story about Raymond… Gain a little insight into life with young onset changes.

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